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Had the opportunity to get the corner weights on a predominatly stock FJ before installing a lift. Thought this might be good data for anyone interested.

Stock TT FJ with a OEM roof rack, MT 17x9 Classic Locks, 285/70/17 Nitto Terra Grapplers, and one half tank of gas.

LF 1236 lbs.
RF 1028 lbs.
LR 1047 lbs.
RR 1158 lbs.

Total 4469 lbs.

With 144 lbs in the driver's seat..

LF 1301 lbs.
RF 1166 lbs.
LR 1091 lbs.
RR 1055 lbs.

Total 4613 lbs.

It's interesting that the RR loses 100 pounds with the driver ADDED. I would've expected it to go up slightly.


Without Driver
50.6% front weight distribution
49.4% rear weight distribution

With Driver
53.5% front weight distribution
46.5% rear weight distribution

I'd say that's a pretty amazing weight distribution, although, it wouldn't be as good with my larger bottom in the seat.:)

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Normally I think your supposed to disconnect the sawybars prior to taking corner weights. In this instance I didn't which tells the tale why so much of the driver's weight was shifted to the RF corner. I bet with the swaybars disconnected we would see an altogehter different distribution of weight with the driver added.

The numbers are pretty cool. Think of all the BMW owners dissapointment who paid 10's of thousands more for similar weight distribution. :cheers:
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