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Corpus Christi Beach Run 6-7-08

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I know there are not many forum members in the Corpus Christi area, but for any I have missed, we are going for a run down the Padre Island National Seashore on Saturday, June 7. SouthTexasCruiser and I going to go play in the sand a little, along with anyone else that wants to go. The word is that Yarborough Pass is impassible right now. We will investigate the matter fully.
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fastmonstr, I'm envious of the trailer setup, looks like you have more than enough rig there for a week or more depending upon the luck in fishing.
fastmonstr, That is a sweet trailer set up.
Now I know what everyone is talking about. The picture didn't load for me at home. That is a nice setup. If I ever see you down there I'll stop and say hi.
Sweet rig fastmonstr.

My wife told me last weekend she had to work the next couple. You know how happy she would be if I said I wanted to go w/o her. She'd have visions of women hang all over the FJ.
Theres no women out on the National Sea Shore, especially past the 4X4 sign. They all hang out at the other beaches.
And it's not spring break, so they aren't drunk and flashing their breastages at every cool truck and Hummer that drives by.
I know that but you know how significant others can get when they aren't along. (Mine gets that way when she's there and catches me looking at God's workmanship on others).
Tell her to take off work if she is that worried. You could get into way more trouble left alone in SA than on this beach.
The run has been rescheduled. I'll start a new thread since I have the date in the title.
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