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Crack rock-crawler Build

Okay I figured I would start my own build thread for Alex's Crack rock Toyeti now that I purchased it, as I'm going to be doing my own things to it and just didn't want to flood his thread and confuse people. So lets start off with what Alex did... Well that's everything right now. So here it is...

The way I got it.
IMG_6407 by Captures by Colin, on Flickr

And the way it looks now.
IMG_9605 by Colin F, on Flickr

Here is the link to Alex's build thread as well, tons more info there! My addiction- the "crack rock Toyeti"
Also here is a link to my Flickr photography page, TONs of pictures in here. Colin F

Put on new Demello Rally aluminum bumper, more Baja Designs LEDs, and Level 8 bully pro wheels.
IMG_0491 by Colin F, on Flickr

Current modifications: 7-14-15 My changes done in blue.

Suspension/ Steering-
All Pro +2” Long Travel (UCA/ LCA) (now running, Total Chaos +2 LT pro kit)
2.5” Fox Coilovers w/ external reservoirs (Now running King 2.5")
Timbren Bump stops
All Pro Spindle Gussets
Total Chaos Tower Gussets
Total Chaos Cam Gussets
Currie +2” CrMo Axles
All Pro HD Steering system
SS extended brake lines

Custom Metal Tech Long Travel
ICON Omega Twin Tube Bypass- Custom lengthened for LT set up
Light Racing Jounce Shocks with custom welded spacers
Metal Tech Long Travel Springs
Day Star 1.5" Spring Spacer
Metal Tech 3" Bump Drop spacers
Timbren Bump stops- modified
All Pro HD Upper Links (Control Arms)
Metal Tech Offset Lower Links (Control Arms)
SS extended brake lines

Wheels/ tires/ accessories
17" x 9" Level 8 Bully Pro Wheels from Discount tire
35x12.50x17r Goodyear MTR kevlar tires.

17” x 8.5” Trail Ready HD Bead Locks with Blue anodized World Series Rock Rings (w/ rock ring spacers)
35” x 12.5” 17R Pitbull Rockers (Tennis ball, golf ball and airsoft pellet balanced)

Spidertrax 1.25” Spacer- Rear only
ARB Airdown tool
ARB Compressor (See TC / Gearing)

Transfer Case/ Gearing
Marlin "Lefty" with 30 Spline CroMo Output shafts (Front and Rear), 23 Spline Competition 4.7.1 Gears and 4.0 Inchworm Adapter Plate. Installed with Tummy Tuck package- 4" additional break over clearance.
Nitro 4.56.1 Gears (Front and Rear)
8" ARB Air Locker- RD121 for 8" IFS Clamshell
ARB Compressor- Hi-output- CKMA12- 12 Volt w/ 2 Gallon reserve tank- Air lines plumbed to rear bumper with quick connect (also used to activate locker)

Armor/ Exterior
Front Bumper- Demello Aluminum Rally bumper
Rear Bumper- LoD with Tire Swing out- includes Hi-Lift mount, RotoPax mounts and tray
Briareos Bumper Mod
Bud Built 5 piece "Tummy Tuck" skids- PC Hammertone Grey
Bud Built Rear Differential Skid- PC Hammertone Grey
Demello X-Wing Heavy Duty kick out sliders
Rocktec Upper link armor
Outrider Lower link armor
FJToyman Shock armor
Aero Light Guards
Plastic fender removal
Pinch weld "correction"
Threadworkz Custom CB antenna Flags (Toyeti & Punisher)

Lighting (changing constantly)

New Headlights! A local friend made me a set of retro Bi-Xenon projectors!

I went and replaced everything for Baja Designs!!

2 pairs of the new bad ass XL-pro 80s in combo beam!!!
1 pair of the Squadron pro in wide cornering on the cowl mounts ( These will shock you! highly recommend)
1 pair of Squadron pro in amber wide corning.
1 pair of Squadron sports used as DRL/ cornering lights
1 pair of S2 pro mounted on rear bumper mounted on teflon washers and aim-able as needed from side light to rear lights.

Check out their website and PM Me for hook up price on them! --> Home of Off Road LED auxiliary lights and LED Light Bars

All my lights are controlled wireless from up to 250 feet away with this NSA Switch Panel This NSA unit is awesome! It makes having all these lights a breeze to turn on and off, check it out for sure!

OLD set up was-
1 Pair- Lightforce Blitz 240’s with yellow/ clear lens covers/diffusers spot/flood combo beam (REMOVED-sold already to a friend)
"1 Pair- Scorpion-LED 109 watt LED (5”)- flood beam-
1 Pair- Rigid Dually D2’s- euro beam-
1 Pair- PIAA LP530- LED lights in rear bumper

LA Trail Teams 10- Side Mirror Light Mod- Amber LED
Insanely bright interior leds! LEMONBEST Pack of 4 New Energy-saving Vehicle White COB LED Dome Light Roof Lamp Car Interior Plate COB LED Light For Lighting In Car Reading Light: Automotive
also used as rock lights.

ComeUP 9000 lb wireless winch with synthetic rope.
Warn Industries Winch selonoid shut off w/ remote switch
Custom made Aluminum Fairlead with my logo on it from Greg at GZila Designs

48” Hi-Lift Extreme
Hi-Lift Base
Rocktek Hi-Lift/ Slider adaptor
Bushranger X-Jack (AKA- The Orange Marshmallow)
ARB Premium Recovery (9000 Snatch block, Snatch strap, Tree saver, Winch extension, Shackles, winch line isolator and gloves)
Wheel chocks
RotoPax 4 x 2 Gallon gas cans
Trail Spare +2” CV (Total Chaos axle)
Additional Shackles

Sound system- 17 speakers
Pioneer AVH- P8400BH head unit
JL Audio XD600/6 600watt x 6 amplifier
JL Audio XD500/3 100watt x 2/ 300watt x 1 amplifier
JL Audio remote level controller
6 x 9" Focal Access 690 CA1 SG's 2-Way Coaxial speakers (Door)
TacoTunes 6 x 9" Speaker door mounts
3 1/2" Infinity Reference 3002CFX 2-Way Coaxial speakers- (Dash)
4" Focal Polyglass 100CVX 2-Way Coaxial speakers (Rear Pods)
4" VersaPod enclosures
3 1/2" Polk Audio DXi350 2-Way Coaxial speakers (Rear Pillar)
10" JL Audio 10TW3 Slimline Sub woofer
SubThump FJ Cruiser subwoofer enclosure
Kicker 4 gauge OFC wire- to amps and ground
100 amp AGU Fuses/ 50 amp MAXI fuses
12 gauge Monster speaker wire throughout- soldered connections
JL Audio power distribution block and Battery mount
Dynomat Xtreme Light- 20 sq ft- front doors
Fat Mat sound insulator- 100 sq/ft- floor/ walls/ remaining doors

Communication/ Audio
Cobra LX 29 Limited Edition -Post- 537
Astatic Noise Cancelling Microphone
4’ Firestik FS4 antenna
Firestik SS Spring
Bandi Mount
Astatic PDC1 SWR meter -(so you can help others tune their radios)
Wilson 801212 Dual Band Car Cell Phone Booster Antenna
Garmin Nuvi 500- Offroad GPS
Ultra gauge- OBD2 controller/ scanner

Engine/ Electric Other
TRD Drop-in filter
Megan SS catback exhaust- post 309
Dirty Parts Dual Battery Kit w/ Odyssey PC2150 battery and Sears Platinum Battery w/ Lots of booger weldz- post 505
Blue Sea Systems 3000HD battery switch/ single circuit On/Off- 600 amp continuous

PRP Podium Racing seats SOLD and replaced with Corbeau seats that I could fit into. Now those are sold and I have some awesome SCHEEL-MANN seats out of BakesFJ old FJ.
Metal Tech PRP seat brackets w/ SRS delete switch
Ellis Precision shifter handle- Stealth Black
Bones- DeadPedal replacement mod
Custom ARB locker/ Compressor switches
DIY- 12 Volt receptacle
SpringTail Side M-Pac Rack with Large MOLLE bag
SpringTail M-Pac- 1st Aid MOLLE Bag
TPMS light- always on (same with compass- hoping thy burn out soon)
Custom Aluminum Dead pedal - Bone Offroad
Interior grab handles- Gzilla Designs custom Captures by Colin logo in aluminum

So not a bad starting point for a rig uh? :wink

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Excellent start and loving the pics! Sub'd to see where you take it (figuratively and literally). :rocker:
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Looks Great! Some mastermind must have modded that beast! I'll give you $500 to take everything off and make it a low-rider with those air-bag thingys that make them jump!

Subbed, great purchase, and I'm glad to see your(previously OC's) rig live on in the forum! :bigthumb:

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All I want to know is how many hours of hard labor did it take to remove all those bad-arse stickers? Did you place a new coat of adhesive on them to have a raffle or group buy or something on the thread?

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G'day Colin,

Are you going to re-name the CR ?

Doesn't matter if you don't, just wondered?


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Nice pics thanks for sharing them. Hopefully one of these days mine will flex like that.

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Congrats Colin. That is one sweet score.
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The only thing I would do would be lose the Pitbulls, as they have seemed to be a reliability issue in the past. Krawlers, KM2s, or MTRs would all be a reliability upgrade.

That, and cover the thing with all sorts of random and offensive stickers.

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Great pictures! I wheeled with Alex a few times down here in TX and that rig is amazing. Even got to drive it once :rocker: Look forward to seeing what you do to it over the years to come, you're a lucky man to have such a great starting point!
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Looks great as usual!
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Was wondering when this thread was going to show up. ;) Your old rig and the CR are such different style of builds (obviously the CR is a great rig but I still liked the cleaner look you had), looking forward to see what you do. :cheers:
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