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I had a conversation with a friend about this once and his concept was that since the automobile industry for the most part is based on negotiation, then anything goes. The dealer will be deceptive, try to sell undercoating, extended warranties, will try to get bottom dollar for your trade-in and top dollar for the new car. In return the automobile owner will try whatever they can do to get the best deal they can. In short, it's business, not personal, and you negotiate the best deal you can, whether its buying the vehicle or getting warranties covered.

For me, I walk away from deceptive salesmen/managers and accept the deal I make to buy a vehicle as my best effort. If you feel you were taken in buying the vehicle, why did you make the deal? If you made a bad deal it's at least half your fault. So when it comes to warranties it is the same way, I expect the warranty as written to be honored. And in the case of the FJ, even things that break offroading, to a reasonable degree. If I was wheeling in a similar manner as to what is shown in Toyota's advertising, I expect it to be covered. If I'm taking the thing airborne for 15 feet, then no. Same with mods, the CV joint and oversize tires, no - not covering anything just because I lifted the vehicle (which my dealer did to numerous FJ's), is not right.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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