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Custom FJ Fiberglass Sub Box- Central FL

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I am selling an used FJ Cruiser Fiberglass box made by

This box is specifically made to fit where the factory subwoofer normally goes.

It houses my Alpine 12 Inch Type R woofer, which is 1 cubic feet of space. It was run by a Kicker KX 1200.1 and this box really made this woofer pound. For any woofer that requires 1 cubic foot of space, in an FJ, it doesn't get any better than this. The box is sealed.

The color is the OEM paint (Black Diamond Graphite) from my 2007 TRD FJ. I had them painy it this color to match the exterior of the vehicle, but since most FJ's have black interior, it's a great match for any FJ.

It has a nick or two but it's in nearly flawless shape. sells this box for $599.00 plus about $40 shipping.

I am selling this box for $350.00 plus shipping firm (WOOFER PICTURED BUT NOT INCLUDED). I am getting rid of it because I want to go with a competition bass setup and need woofers that require more airspace.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me at [email protected] or on my cell, which is 407-782-5666.

I hope to hear from you soon...

Manny A.


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Very nice!
Just picked up a drivers side dual 10" box.

Was looking for a 1cubic foot box for one 10" Alpine ZR10 sub set up.
sealed or ported?
Sorry guys!!!

It's a 12 Inch Sealed Box.

Just edited the thread...
Now willing to take $300 plus shipping...

Don't let this beautiful box pass you by!!!!

Thanks Garrett!!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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