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Custom Rear Side Rack Mod

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hey all
I made my own rear side rack and I for once took photos as I went along.
This will only work for folks who know how to weld steel with either MIG or Arc (Stick). I prefer MIG due to the cleaner more professional look.
I started with 3/4" angle carbon steel and made the frame 15" wide and 10.5" high.
Cut all ends 45 degrees so you have a nice picture frame joint and welded all the seams on the inside to keep it clean.

I used expanded steel as the grid material, its almost 1/8" thick and is super strong once its tacked on the ends.

Fabricated 2 right angle mounts, one at 2" long and the second 2.5" long. by doing this the rack will mount straight with the cargo area.
screwed in the right angle mounts and held the rack over them to mark where I would tack weld the mounts on to the frame. Remember only tack them at first so you have play with bending a little. Once you are certain the whole thing bolts properly and its all good you can then lay proper and strong welds.

Took 2 large 1.5 " fender washers w/ 1/4" hole and grinded them to an oval shape to cover the exposed metal that you see when you remove the shopping bag hooks.

The whole set up floats and does not rest on any interior plastic. Its super strong being its steel and not too heavy thanks to the expanded steel.

cleaned it with alcohol and sprayed it flat black.
Got some Quickfists and some small MOLLE bags and there you go.

By the way MOLLE bags work perfect through the expanded steel and you just need fender washers and locking nuts for the quick fists.

Check it out let me know what you guys think and if you have any questions
I would be more than happy to answer them.

Here it is all done with a Cold Steel SRK knife installed and pouch loaded with First Aid stuff.

Also did the Aux 12 volt addition in the rear.
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Very cool looking! Now that's a great idea, solid, clean, and out of the way! Very nce work!
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