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So I am trading in my FJ for MINI due to a commute and marriage restrictions, lol I designed and had built a custom roof rack for camping and off roading that I am selling to another FJ owner.

$400 (It looks different, but it's an awesome addition)

I am local to Houston, TX, (please only local interest, as I am not paying for shipping).

The rack is held by 2 aluminum bars on top of the factory rack, (it does raise the height of the FJ... just a warning). The basket was designed to allow for kids to ride on top while off-roading as well as for Photography and video work, it will also allow you to pitch your tent in the basket when camping.

Picutres can be seen here:
Rack 1
Rack 2
Rack 3

(excuse the bungee's and webbing, we had just put it on and haven't "bolted" it yet, lol)

[email protected]
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