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D3 and Stock Speakers... Did Fine for a While... but...

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My FJ had the basest (sure, it's a word) system available - single CD, no rear speakers... sounded like a mid-grade laptop. So I jumped on the deal JT's Cruiser put together on the D3: Head Unit, iPod Integration, Sirius Tuner, GPS... prewired... hacked... And for LOVED it... for about 3 months.

It's amazing. When I first turned the D3 on, I was dumbfounded by the increase in sound quality, bass, volume, etc. I didn't think I'd need to do more. Speakers were fine. No need for an amp. Fast forward a few months... I've gotten used to the sound. It's not enough anymore. I need more.

I need Phase II.
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Phase II is going to be alot more expensive than Phase I.
Come on JT... I'm T'ing you up here ;)
My FJ came with the full nine speaker system and I am tired of it as well. I'm starting with insulating the doors,cargo area and roof first so I can have a better sounding platform to work with. Next, I want to change the door speakers first and add some passive crossovers to the other speakers and see how that sounds before I add more stuff. :cheers:

I have 2 12" Kicker CVR's in a slotted box and an Alpine MRD-M500 amp and no place to put the subs in the FJ:mecry:
My Kenwood 4 channel amp will be retired I think, works well I but is getting old and is relatively low powered 25w x 4.
I just completed my "Phase 2"... see thread below...

I probably did the link wrong above, but check it out. Do it all yourself, it takes a little while, but you get to learn your FJ and have the pride to say "I did it" when you're rocking an awesome system in the end!

My phase II took about 3 days, but that's because it's my daily driver, and I had to put it back together twice in the middle...
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