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Damn Summit might Bankrupt me LOL

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Getting ready for the Summit is not only exciting but costly. Not only are the MODS coming fast and furious (New tires today) body mount chop next 2 days, LIghts, CB etc.etc.etc. Add that to the list of personal items and damn this fun and excitement is getting frightingly expensive. I may even be doing some finshing up while the summit is in progress. Man this is too much fun. I just hope others are able to stay frugil with their mods. Oh look who I am talking to I am probably one of the more conservative amongst us.
See ya all next week.
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My bumper is not back from getting powder coated, and I doubt it will be done by the time we leave either. I volunteered to lead a trail run a few months ago thinking for sure I'd have my CB set up by then. Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow besides an oil change.
I also found some BFG AT's like new for around $300.00 but I am worried about the rest of my trip. And my economic stimulus check never showed up (today was the last day it should have made it by).

Anybody have any good leads on a inexpensive CB radio in the greater SLC area?
Radio Shack will sell you the entire setup for $125 out the door.
I have two hand helds that I can lend to anyone whom is short a CB.

They are real CBs and work great.

You can use one this week if you want to wait to make that purchase. I can leave for you at registraion if we miss eachother.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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