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Many of our modifications require the removal of various dashboard and console panels and/or trim pieces. So, here's a how-to for accessing the "behind the scenes" components of the FJ's interior, including:

A-pillar cover (interior)
Sun visors
Glove box (passenger side)
Side vent covers
Center dash trim pieces
Center dash / radio module face plate
Center console (upper)
Center console (lower)
Shift lever cover plate (AT)
Switch panel module
Front door panels
Driver side dash-top storage box

A-pillar cover (interior):

Remove plastic tabs from grab handle.

A 10mm socket removes the grab handle.

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Peel the cover out and down from the top (it snaps off).

Pull the cover up and away from the A-pillar.

Sun visors:

Two Phillips screws secure the sun visor to the interior roof.

The hold-up clip is removed by pushing it in and twisting it 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Glove box (passenger side):

Open glove box.

Push in on upper rear plastic wings to allow glove box to fall forward.

Unsnap retaining rod (to the right).

Lift glove box up and out of its lower snap-on hinge.

Side vent covers:

Lift and unsnap vent cover from the bottom.

Pull the top of the vent cover up and out.

NOTE FOR 2008 and later FJ Owners:

The silver-colored vent cover on the passenger side of the '08 FJ does not pull out until you remove a 10mm bolt that is accessible through one of the round plugs on the side of the vent cover. You remove the plug, and then you need a socket with an extension to reach in there. The driver's side vent cover does not have this bolt, it is removable by hand.
(Photos courtesy of Antarctican. Thanks, Pete. :))

Center dash side trim pieces:

Remove Phillips screw at the base of the trim piece.

Pull up and out (unsnap) the trim piece from the bottom,

Center dash / radio module face:

Remove Phillips screw on each side.

Pull (unsnap) face plate from the bottom.

Then pull straight out from the top.

Unplug the three multi-pin plugs from the lower section of the face plate.

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2007 FJ Cruiser, 2021 4Runner, 2002 Lexus SC420
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Continued from Post #1

Center console (upper section):

Unscrew transfer case knob (and shift lever knob if necessary on a 6MT).

Pull up (unsnap) the upper console just forward of the console storage area.

Pull the entire upper console up and out.

Center console (lower section):

Remove the two 10mm bolts from the base of the console storage area.

Remove the two 10mm bolts from the sides of the lower console (about halfway up the console; one is hidden below the parking brake lever).

Carefully pull the entire lower console up and back, carefully maneuvering the lower console around the shift levers and parking brake lever.

NOTE: It may be necessary to lower/recline whichever fronts seats have the factory armrests installed on them for the rear of the console to clear during removal.

Shift lever cover piece:

This can be removed if you're "blacking out" your silver interior trim for painting.

There are small snap catches on both sides of the cover that need to be slightly bent out. The cover will simply lift off. (Shift knob removal is required.)

Switch panel module:

Remove the plastic snap retaining plugs from each side of forward console cover. (Down next the driver and passenger foot area.)

Use a pointed push device (an awl; tiny screwdriver) to slightly push through the center plastic pin to unlock the plug.

The retaining plug can now be peeled out.

Remove the 10mm bolt form each side of the switch panel face.

Grasp the base of the switch panel and gently pull outward.

After labeling each connector, unplug/disconnect each multi-pin plug from the rear of the switches as necessary.

The intended usage and location of the OEM switches in the center switch panel are:

(Top row, left to right)

Roof Lights
Rear Diff Lock

(Bottom row, left to right)

Front AUX Lights
115V Power Inverter
Back-up/Parking Sensor
Optional OEM Security System

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2007 FJ Cruiser, 2021 4Runner, 2002 Lexus SC420
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Continued from Post #2:

Front door panel
Interior door accent panels
Rear half-door panel
Driver side dash-top storage box

Front door panel (passenger side shown):

Pop open the plastic cover tabs and remove the two Phillips head screws beside the door release handle and below the door pull handle.

Remove the plastic snap retaining plug from the forward section of the door panel. (In the same manner as described for the switch panel removal.)

Pull (unsnap) the door panel by pulling out on the forward lower corner.

Pull (unsnap) the door panel by pulling out on the rearward lower corner.

Pull the entire door panel up approximately an inch to clear the window jam ledge.

Interior door accent panels (driver side door shown):

After the removing the plastic door panel from the door . . . .

. . . . flip it around to the inside where you'll see three Phillips head screws (indicated by the red arrows).

Remove the three screws and push through the 8 plastic retaining clips.

The accent panel can now be pulled off the face of the door panel.

(Photos and procedure courtesy of NDA431FJ. :) )

Driver side dash-top storage box:

Remove the two Phillips head screws inside of the storage box (front and left).

Grasp the lid where it meets the hinges at the rear of the box, and pull upward until it unsnaps. (Note: This will require one hand on each side and some substantial effort to pull it up and out.)

Slide the box slightly aft until the front retaining lips clear the dashboard.

Re-installing all of the above is simply the reverse procedure of the removal.

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Rear door panel removal:

Open both the rear door and window. You won't be able to pull the panel off unless the window is open.

There are two circular access covers at the top corners that can be removed with a small screwdriver w/ a rag over it used to pry it up from the bottom. There are also two covers at the base of the shocks that hold the window open. Those can be removed using the same technique. Remove the two screws that were under the covers you first removed.

The entire panel is held on from here on using plastic push clips. Pick a corner (I started at the upper right) and slowly inch your way around the perimeter pulling back towards yourself. There is one clip that is almost dead center in the panel. There are felt washers on the lower push clips, so take your time as to not break anything or lose those washers.

You are going to have to lift the panel up because it is resting on the window latch mechanism. Put the panel on a large towel or some surface that won't scratch the soft plastic as you work on it.

Rear door panel re-installation:

Attach the panel by first placing the top over the latch mechanism then work around the edges getting all of the clips to snap in their holes then hit the few center portions to get the center clips. Screw the two screws in, reattach the window shock covers, and reattach the screw covers (there is an orientation arrow on the back of them).

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