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Daves rig

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Just got her 08 TT, sunroof, leather, 4" lift and breather mods that's about it.

Maybe a rear bumper on the way not sure yet.

Factory stereo will go in a few weeks, get a nice head unit and a 5 channel amp, pair of subs.

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Nice. Let the mods begin.
Wow, that looks BA. Those black wheels makes the FJ. Congrats and check out some of the mods on this site.
Lookin' REAL nice, Dave. :cheers: :cheers:

And, I love that sun-roof!! :bigthumb:
nice, welcome
Looks great and I like the seats!
Sweet rig man...

Those are some kick ass seats.
The sunroof rocks. Is that factory installed? Dealer installed? That would be the piece de resistance on my BC.
The dealer has a local company do it it's az suntops in phoenix. It looks and works factory though will tilt and vent or slide all the way back. Forget how much it was a grand? 800 bucks something like that.

Nice rig Dave. Sunroof does look factory.
Pimp seats. Love the sun roof. Great job by that company.
The seats and lift look real good. What lift did u do? and also who installed the leather?
Dave -- you're spoiled! :bigthumb:
looks great! congrats.
I love the seats . My wifes Mall cruiser FJ TT has the seats and sunroof too . I look forward to seeing a modded TT I don't think the wife will let me mod hers to the max
I think the TT's are the best looking color for the FJ

1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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