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In Feb. 2007, I’d purchased a new Toyota FJ Cruiser from FREEMAN TOYOTA in Hurst, Texas (Freeman Toyota Hurst Texas). The transaction was done quickly and painlessly, as I make most vehicle “negotiations”: This is what I’d like, this is how much I’ll pay. Yes? Let’s talk. No? I’m moving on to another dealer.
The vehicle was in mod getting wheels, tires, modified suspension, bull bar, fog lights etc. I picked up the vehicle three days after the purchase and all seemed well.
Six months later there was a problem with one of the aftermarket turn signals and there was a noise coming from the right rear strut.
I took the vehicle back to the dealer and they “repaired” the turn signal wiring problem, but of course they couldn’t hear nor could they find anything wrong with the right rear strut. If I had a quarter every time I’ve heard that from a dealer on a vehicle still under warranty.
A few weeks later I’d noticed there is a part missing from the light the FREEMAN TOYOTA service department “repaired”. I called the service department, explained the situation and I was told they would look for it. That’s the last promise I would ever hear from them. Subsequent phone calls were not effective. FREEMAN TOYOTA was unresponsive to complaints to Toyota Motors and the Better Business Bureau. Finally, I filed two theft reports with the HURST TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT within a week w/ no response from them, either.
Completely pissed off, I drove up to FREEMAN TOYOTA on a Saturday morning. A heated argument ensued and FREEMAN TOYOTA called the police and several HURST TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT officers responded. Initially I felt the officer I spoke with was either inexperienced or incompetent with conflict resolution, as he didn’t seem to grasp the fact that FREEMAN TOYOTA would not return a part that belonged to me. He was actually trying to perpetuate the incident. I now suspect he was apathetic. I say this because I’d told him that I had filed two police reports w/ the HURST TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT, but he was not impressed and didn’t bother to verify the validity of my claim.
FREEMAN TOYOTA swore out a trespass warrant on me and I’m never to go back on their property for fear of arrest and detention by the HURST TEXAS POLICE DEPARTMENT.
I was home an hour, and I received a call from the FREEMAN TOYOTA service manager who was very apologetic and said the warrant had been rescinded. At that point I didn’t really care. I’d no desire to go to FREEMAN TOYOTA for any reason.
My wife got in the truck and drove to FREEMAN TOYOTA get the part and at that time they discovered all types of problems w/ the wiring. In order to make the repair, the ARB bumper had to be removed.
Some time during the bumper removal/reinstall, they broke a panel (p/n 52115-35120) without a mention to my wife (or myself for that matter). Unfortunately, due to the obscure location of this panel, I didn’t discover this until three months after the repair. Another example of FREEMAN TOYOTA’s incompetence and unwillingness to be accountable or responsible.
And once again I have a turn signal that won’t work.
I do have a maintenance agreement with them that I’m trying to either get a prorated refund or have it transferred to another dealership. Toyota says there is little they can do, which of course, I find arguable. They are trying to contact the customer service advisor, but I’ve been down that road before without success.
If you choose to do business with FREEMAN TOYOTA, be aware that you will never be able to contact A) the manager of the service department. The service advisors all claim to be to be the service manager (Napoleon Complex perhaps). B) The customer relations advisor. C) The general manager.


The mission here is simple: To tell my story and let you decide whether you want to do business with a company like this. Be aware of the pitfalls when you do business in HURST, TEXAS. The city government has little regard for the consumer doing business with companies located in their city.


Freeman Toyota for obvious reasons. Toyota Motors for not being more proactive with their dealership’s customer service. And myself for doing business with FREEMAN TOYOTA and Toyota Motors in the first place.
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I'd report them to the Better Business Bureau......nuff said
in addition, their salesmen are lazy assholes that can't be bothered to call you back on the phone after you show up in person to buy a car. :bye:
I live in the NRH/Keller area and drive to Toyota of Dallas (TOD) for all of my service needs. They are a supporting forum vendor ( and several of the employees in Service, Body and Parts Dept are members of a local wheeling club.
Is your prepaid maintenance agreement "Toyota Extra Care"? If so, it may have Freeman Toyota on the coupons, but you can take it to ANY Toyota dealership. TOD honors my prepaid maintenance agreement coupons. And yes you can cancel the contract and will receive a prorated refund. If you have a loan the check will go to the lienholder. I called to cancel mine after probs with Toyota of Fort Worth and that was when I was told I could take it to any dealer.
So the ARB left turn signal once again is inoperative. Those Freeman electricians!! I've lost track whether this is the third or fourth time. The last time, Freeman once again stole another part, the access to the right rear turn signal. I ordered it and paid for it instead of dealing with them. I took the truck to Toyota of Ft Worth to have the FJammer replaced (stuck CD's) . Quick, no hassles and they didn't steal anything!!! So they get the bid from here on out.
you do under stand that any aftermarket parts installed a the 1st dealer may not be covered by Toyota warranty as it is not a Toyota product. You may have to go to 1st dealer to get any warranty repair on aftermarket parts unless you have another dealer will to go the extra mile and do what they can. As far as the noise you say they can not hear, any time you have a noise ask to ride with tech so you can point out noise, that way he knows what he is looking for.
The turn signals on the ARB are [email protected]!!!! Mine have worked so poorly, i have unplugged them and gave up hope. They even made my turn signal blink all fast like a bulb was out even though it wasnt. Sorry to hear about your problems though.

You have a WARN M8000 not warren.

What kind of noise is your shock making??? You have now found out that it is MUCH easier and cheaper if you do as much of the work on your vehicle as you can. Search threads with the type of noise, if you can find anything, post a thread in the suspension section and we can help you diagnose and resolve the problem.
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