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Dear Toyota:
Remember when I put $500, of my hard earned cash deposit down on an FJ?

Remember when you invited me to the Off Road Expo to see the FJ Cruiser.... I drove the 1.5 hours to see the prototype.

Remember when you announced the FJ would be at SEMA...
I took the day off work, flew to Vegas and snuck into the show, to see a pre production FJ.

Remember when you let me know that I won a VIP Pass to the Ojai Event (a 2 hour drive)....
only to let me know that I still wouldn't be able to drive it.

OK Toyota, up until now I 've played by your rules.
Come this Saturday in Ojai, you will be answering every damn question on this post !!!

FYI: keep a tight grip on those FJ keys, cuz if you don't, its going home with me.....

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