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Hello all, new member, first time poster here.

I can't decide if this FJ is a decent deal or not. Need some experienced eyes on it.

2008 Trail Teams
160k miles
Line X full body, tan
Warrior bumpers
bilstien 5100's

2 owners. Current owner has had it since 78k. No real maintenance records. Owner says he did everything himself. Plugs, brakes, belt, fluids including transfer case and diff done by a shop at 140k. I will pull a Carfax and get a prepurchase inspection.

The price is 15,000. Any thoughts?










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For the price, I'm not liking the mileage, the line-x paint job or the seat covers. Or his "I did all the maintenance myself...except for a giant maintenance bill done by a shop at 140K" explanation (the question then, did he really do any maintenance beyond oil changes from 78K to now). '08 is better than '07 in this price range (no rear diff concerns) but I'd wonder why it needed the seat covers or the line-x. It looks clean as-is, but how hard of a life did it lead?

If you value the bumpers/winch at ~50% of retail you've got about $1500-2000 there. I'm ignoring the paint job and the bilstein suspension in the value.

There isn't much room to go down on the price, so I won't say "$13K amazing deal, $15K run away" as $2000 over the course of your life is nothing. If this truck is close by, go check it out. It's easier to paint the truck than fix the undercarriage, so look there for signs of a hard life.

The scenario where I would recommend this truck:

1. It's clean underneath when you inspect it, no signs of being beat on.
2. $15K is the top-end of your budget.
3. You don't have the free cash to put $3-4K into a truck, so you need to buy one already modded.

There are plenty of '07-08 modded trucks in the <$18K range with an actual suspension upgrade that still have their factory paint. If you're not in a rush, I'd take a close look at this one then wait.

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Thanks for the replies everyone! I've decided to skip this one. I saw it in person and the linex was poorly done. There was messy overspray in every jamb. Its been smoked in, and the owner divulged that he paid for the mods with an insurance payout for hail damage. And he only did oil changes. It's clean underneath with no signs of rust or off-roading.

If anyone is interested in this one you can find it in the Facebook marketplace in Amarillo TX.

Thanks again everyone.
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