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A question to the more knowledgeable than myself about suspension-lift kits:

Dirt Logic vs. Fox vs. King for rough desert terrains (think of Arizona/Dubai).

I don't plan on doing any high speed jumps or offroading, but I'm looking for something that'll provide a nice ride in the bumpy harsh desert roads, and what kind of setup should I go for. I'm thinking about doing front and rear resi shocks and coil over and replacing the UCA, but I don't know if that's overkill or not. Below are some setups that I'm interested in.

If anybody's running Fabtech's Dirt Logic series, please comment since I have failed to find anybody who's running them on their FJCs.


3 Uniball UCA System w/ Front Dirt Logic SS 2.5 Coilover Resi & Rear Dirt Logic SS Resi Shocks - 2006-09 Toyota FJ 2WD/4WD

KSFJ4R09 - King Complete Kit for 03-09 4Runner/07-09 FJ Cruiser
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