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This lady came up to me as I was standing next to the edge and told me she was so nervous that her hands were sweating. I touched
them and they were wringing wet. The next thing I know she is standing next to the edge, yelling with joy. She said this was her way
of overcoming her fear. I even saw her sitting on another ledge dangling her feet over. GREAT JOB!!!!!

On to the summit which is 13,114 feet high.

Here is a photo from the top looking into Telluride. You can see the airport off in the distance. There was even a glider plan soaring above us.

It was so clear you could see for what seemed like hundreds of miles in all directions.

As we were coming down into Telluride we took one more short break and I could not resist taking a photo of this little guy. He was so
happy to be along for the ride.

As we came into Telluride the group was going to stop in town and have a late lunch. We needed to get back soon for the big dinner
and raffle so we radioed the Trail Guide and let him know we would be leaving. There were a couple of other vehicles that went with
us as well.

We decided the fastest wat to get back would be through Ophir Pass. This is the 4th time this week we have gone over the pass and
I've been truly amazed each time. The view is just absolutely incredible!

We made it back in time to get cleaned up for dinner but we missed out on the car wash. The Fire department brought one of their fire
trucks down to the event and had a free car wash with a fire hose. We got there just as they were shutting down. It looked like the kids
had a blast.

Seth was kind enough to have us park Robs vehicle over by the Raffle.

Dinner was a big hit. The Best Western did an awesome job preparing BBQ chicken and all the fixings for such a large group. It was
almost more than one person could eat.

Everyone was very excited for the big raffle. There were a lot of excellent prizes to be given away by all the vendors. Discount Tire had
two fabulous prizes. One of the prizes we gaveaway was five Level 8 Off-Road Wheels. The second giveaway was for five Falken
Wild Peaks A/T tires. The winners we very appreciative of all the prizes.

The last drawing of the night was done by Joe Bacal. Joe is a BaJa 1,000 race winner who drives for team Lexus. He also owns a
couple FJ Cruiser's and enjoys going out in them.

They had a band playing for entertainment after the festivities. We turned in early as we were getting up early for a group photo and
then had a 10 hour drive home.

The town's Police Office closed down Main Street so that the FJ Summit crew could wedge all the vehicles six deep in a V shape for a
group photo. They even had a high lift pick the photographers up to get the best shot.

I have to thank all the staff and trail guides that put in the time and effort to make this such an enjoyable event. I did not hear one
person complain.

All of us here at Discount tire would like to thank the participants for the great stories you shared with us about your past experiences
with Discount Tire. We actually work as hard as we play to make sure you're treated the way we want to be treated. We really appreciate
your business

Please be safe and enjoy our Beautiful outdoors. We can’t wait for next year’s bigger and better event.
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