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I don't see the solution still, and it's getting more annoying on each trip taken in the FJ. I have a few more months warranty but I have little faith in the dealership based on past experience with them.
I would love to eliminate this issue in the seat for good not just replace and have it haunt me still.
I hear ya there. My seat noises/movements began a while ago, but I assumed it was just the way I had the seat bottom adjusted. Of course, when I discovered that I was not alone in this dilemma, my warranty was long expired.

I'm going to have my dealership look at it when they do the seatbelt recall. Whatever it ends up costing, I'll probably fork it out, just to get rid of that wretched annoyance. I love my FJ to pieces, but it's getting to the point where I almost cannot stand driving it for very long.:rawr::rawr:

I guess my biggest concern is, if there's that much play in the rail system/seat/wherever it's coming from, what would the structural integrity of it be in the event of an accident, ya know?
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