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Preface: Followed @Dennx write up on his "Into the Wild" thread about switch install. Very straight forward and easy as long as you're comfortable cutting a chunk of your dash apart.

Also ran wiring behind the radio for a scanner. Scanner will be mounted in front of the Passenger Airbag indicator.

Switch allotment:
Top Bank (Left to right): Left alley flood, front floods, right alley flood.
Bottom Bank (Left to right): Blank, blank (will be rear flood), scanner.

The front floods (listed as spots) are great. The throw is much wider than a spot. Sturdy construction but all the hardware included is crap. Pair throws 10,000 lumens.

Side floods are great as well. Slim construction. Each unit throws 1,260 lumens. Construction seems okay.

Scanner (no featured in pics): BCD396xt. Programmable through a couple of different applications. Decent stand alone reception.

1. Attached lights and ran + wires through pass through on driver's side.
2. Cut away plastic panel inside of dash and cut the panel to install switches.
3. Tapped into fuse panel. Ran 3 power lines from panel to switches. Connected power lines from lights directly to switches. Lights grounded inside of engine compartment. Switches grounded to bolt directly behind panel.
4. Power for scanner ran under steering wheel and behind radio. Cable exits from behind trim by the passenger airbag indicator. Will mount scanner with an adhesive/magnetic mount.

Any questions, feel free to message.


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The switch panels look good. I think your lights in the wheel well are going to get the crap kicked out of them or at least be dirty all the time if you do any kind of offroading :)

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Not sure why they look burned out in the pic. I noticed after posting and went back and check all diodes. All working just fine. Think my camera was playing tricks on me.

And HOT DAMN. That Lux system is sick. You have any pics focusing on the Lux?


- Doug
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