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Made a bit of extra time today, stopped by the local dealer, took out an army green off road edition. Auto, looked good, cheezy 4ply bfg long trail tires, looks like I'll have to do a docking station for my sirius radio. Nice ride, quiet, comfortable, gobs of snow coming down, roads were crap so I got to try out the traction control and how it braked. Shifting on the fly between 2 and 4wd was a bit notchy but ok. Good heater, nice seats. Roads too crappy to lean on the throttle but it torqued fine at highway speeds.

The shop is fine for bumpers, winch, lift, whatever I want to do for the lease, I'll defintely be doing gears if/when they come out, adding 500lbs and bigger 35" boots will cause some drag for sure. Honestly it moved itself pretty good but even the drag of heavier ply stock sized tires will effect how it handles all the hills here. Keeping fingers crossed for some TRD forced induction, I could leave the axled alone and just do a deeper reduction transfer case to crawl with 35's. Lots of room for a 5gal tank to feed in some methanol injection so I can stay with 87 and at least run heavy timing if no blower is available. One thing I am suprised about, with how slick the roads were, it didn't feel tail happy at all, I would of thought being taller and short it would wag a bit, it tracked great. Didn't feel completely foreign either, sure the cab controls are different from what I'm used to, but it is a very easy vehicle to drive.

All in all, a great compromise IMO between function and off road fun. I'd probly lean more towards a JK unlimited rubicon if they had the new motor for '11, that and I'm not crazy about no cab insulation when its -40c out. That could be like a frozen cocoon once you run a few hours on the highway.

Still freked out a bit with no sollid front axle or front locker, but that's what reading is about. I'm going to like this thing. No carpet either, excellent, I hate carpets in vehicles.
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