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I've searched around and there really isn't a thread that answers it all, or has good tips. Last time I cleaned my air filter apparently I did a bad job (I also rushed it) I just clenaed it again at 5k (I don't do bad driving) and the water I was running it over went completely black, not to much when I knocked the filters LOADS of loose soil came out...

How do you clean yours? My method is now to spend about ten minutes knocking the filter on it's head to get the loose stuff out, then doseing it with K&N Air Filter Cleaner (works better than TRD) letting it soak for 10-15 minutes, then running it over a nice stream of water in the sink, then do it again, and then let it dry in the sun for about 3 hours or until 85% dry, then I oil the crap out of it, and let it sit over night, then let it sit in the sun for about an hour or two to get any excess oil off to make it like it was from the factory.

Anybody got any tips for drying? All I got is a fan, and the sun. Also, I don't believe over-oiling is a issue if you have time...even if you over-oil your filter to heck, laying it in the sun or letting it sit over night will let it absorb those excess droplets

The biggest thing is that you need to understand that this takes about a full day to do, at times a day and a half. Those Pry-Dry filters would be far easier...but you gotta wonder, how effective are they compared to cotton-gauze? And do you get the same performance out of them?
I have always used the sun drying technique on previous K&N filters. I also oiled and very lightly ran a shop vac (not too close) with the direction of airflow to lift off excess oil if it was present.

The process does take time. I have always bought mine in pairs so I always had one ready to drop in.
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