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I know there is the awesome writeup done by sbechtold but, how do you know what size isolator to pick? Are all of the parts that sbectold included in his writeup necessary? Why is it that most car audio guys that run dual batteries run the secondary battery straight to the amps and is connected straight to the main battery (refer to the picture)? Here's what I have in my truck and what's the best route I should take?
Here's what I currently have:
2 Odyssey PC2150 (1 is not installed yet, reason why I created this thread)
Big 3 - 1/0 gauge
250 amp HO alternator
40" light bar
Mosconi Zero 1 amplifier
Mosconi AS 200.4 amplifier
Winch (future upgrade)
Baja Squadron Pros (not installed yet)

I do like to leave my sound system on for extended periods when I'm camping or when I'm working in the garage. Thoughts on the best approach? Thank you.

Dual Battery Installation Write-Up - Pics

Typical dual battery setup for car audio. (By the way, I took this picture off of a car audio site. Not mine.)
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