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Hey all, I'm new to this forum and first wanted to say hi. Okay to business, I have an 08 FJ Cruiser that I have had from new and she runs like a dream except lately there is a dull knocking noise that comes from the rear passenger wheel/axle area. Furthermore, when I hit a pothole it sometimes sounds like something has come loose and is now scraping and grinding on the wheel somewhere. I took it to Dobbs and am now $2000 in with no solution, Replaced the rotors, shocks, brakes, and pads, and still, the noise continues. I don't think it's the bearings as it would constantly be making the noise and it does not happen all the time but seems to happen more when coasting.
I am fairly sure the noise is coming from the rear passenger wheel assembly but just have no idea what is causing it and have lost faith in Dobbs.
Any advice or thoughts are welcome.
Many thanks
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