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I know he won't get stuck........He has an FJ

Careful with this statement. Please be prepaired and watch other traffic. It get's difficult to see one on a dune trying to look through the boxy windows.

Make sure you don't mount the flag on the spare like the previous shot (it won't work). Spend some time modifing SLIP ON TRAILER HITCH MOUNT. I just weld a box with a lip and slide it in the recevier and pin the clip. Then just drill a whole in the lip sticking out and scew in the harwdare for the flag.

Make sure you have proper recover equipent like D-schackles, winch, recover strap and a pull pall if you got one. Also air back up your tires to spec once you hit the pavement.

If you can run without the a-trac it will do much Better (stay on top of the surface with gobs of momentum. Keep it moving even when you come to a top face downward so you wont't get stuck.

20PSI is as low as I will go on the pressure but I drive very aggressive especially for the Toyota FJ brochure pics and web page articles I wote.

Refer to the 1st FJ edition brochure and you can read my experience on those nasty dunes. I hope that helps and be safe.......

Joe Bacal
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