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E1 evoulution camper for sale

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E1 evoulution pop-up for sale...2007 includes indoor and outdoor stoves, indoor / outdoor cd sound system, sink, refrigerator, thermostat controlled furnace, outdoor water station/ with retractable hose, 20 gallon water tank, twin propane tanks / automatic change over, 3 110 outlets, heavy duty marine battery fully charged will provide 3 days of camping where there is no electric. 250 lbs of additional storage up front for bikes etc, all terrain tires/with chrome rims plus full spare, 20 inches of ground clearance to take you to hard to get places. also includes awning. must sell..7,200 or best offer. anyone interested pm me, i am located in new jersey, thanks icebox
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I have an E2! we love it!!!

That's a great deal, it should go fast...
what color is it ?
I have an E-2 as well. I love the thing, but wish it was smaller. This is the best off-road pop up you can get.

This won't last long.

What color?...Is it the Black & Gray or the Yellow, thanks. :)
Does it have A/C?

How well does the FJ tow it?
it's yellow, pre wired for air only, instead of the extra grand for the air i just had it prewired, instead i bought a 6,000 btu floor model on wheels plug it in and its ready to go. trust me...if you are really interested in this camper go out and price them, you will see this is truly a great deal, this camper is in beautiful condition. thanks, icebox
I have an E1 also. They are a good camper. Tows well behind the FJ, although your mirrors will be a bit limited... but hey, that's behind you!!
Served us well for several days last week camping. Held up well in the rain/hail showers, cool in the heat and easy to maintain.
How about some picture's,,,,
Where is it located in NJ?
Send a picture to [email protected]
Where is it located in NJ?
Send a picture to [email protected]
sorry i have'nt been on the forum in a while to return your message but the camper was sold last week. thanks icebox
In keeping with the topic....

Mrs FJDave and I have been thinking about a pop-up trailer for camping, and it looks like we may have found one with the E2. After reading about it in the RV forums and here, it looks like a decent off-road trailer I can take on some easy-moderate trailers (maybe even the Mojave Trail if I get bigger tires for it and a brake kit). Thanks!
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