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Easy trail fun in the Big Bear area

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Finally got the TRD wheels and BFG All Terrains on the FJ!! The long 4th of July weekend was the perfect excuse to finally get to drive my FJ on some fairly easy fire roads recommended by the Guide to backroads and 4WD trails book. The wife, my son and I hit the first trail, Skyline Drive around 10:00 AM Saturday morning. Definitely an easy cruise, nothing technical, but enjoyable none the less. Our next trail to run was supposed to be Butler Peak, but apparently it's still closed due to the recent fires. Since I had done the Holcomb Valley gold rush trail before, I made my way over in that direction and returned to the lake down Van Duesen Canyon, passing all the people coming up the trail in street vehicles, I even passed a VW Golf slowly making its way up the canyon. It's amazing how people will head into the backcountry in ordinary passenger cars and then wonder why they get stuck. Referred back to the guide for trail that runs behind Lake Arrowhead, Willow Creek Road. It appears that since the book was written, time and the elements have changed Willow Creek Road into a bit more challenging trail than I was expecting. No worries though as the FJ just shrugged off all the off camber parts and easily cruised over the rough spots. I am really pleased with how well the FJ handles off road. See you on the trails.

Here are some photos.

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Nice shots bph. It's peaceful out there isn't it? :)
You are right FJamming, I do enjoy the stillness.
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