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98 FJ AT, problem shows up when going over rough terrain or speed bumps etc. When this occurs the engine light comes on with several other dash warning lights. The vehicle drives normally with the warning lights on, shifts fine and indicates fine. The OBDII reader says transmission shift indicator fault. I just clear the fault and it happened again maybe a week later.

I read others having this occur when applying brakes, or park lock stays engaged etc. So far this has not occurred when brakes were applied, and shifter always comes out of park when the break pedal is pressed as normal operation.

Checked the plug for the trans shift switch on the right side, looks great inside and added some silicone grease to keep water out. Wiring "looks" fine around the plug and into the harness. Thinking I should just replace the switch, it's exposed to the elements really bad, salt in winter, rocks, dirt, and dust at other times. Maybe going over bumps causes the shifter to move a bit causing a bad connection inside. This FJ does have 450,000km on it, original everything except oils, filters, brakes, tires, etc.

Anyone have experience changing these switches? There appears to be two bolts that hold the switch in place, and a large lock nut over the shifter shaft that likely locks the shaft to the switch mechanism. The two bolts go through elongated holes (in the switch) to allow for fine-tuning, suppose the new switch should be installed in exactly the same position. Also there must be a seal behind the switch on the shifter shaft. It doesn't leak, but wondering if there were issues with it after replacing the switch? Otherwise I would leave the seal alone.
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