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This is my first post on the forum and wanted to share my exhaust manifold replacement experience for anyone thinking about doing it. I replaced my exhaust manifolds and the left and right pipe assemblies downstream. I purchased my '07 FJ last May and although it had only $65,000 miles there was a lot of East Coast Rust. The manifolds and pipe assemblies were very rusty so it was on my radar to eventually get it replaced. Then a couple months ago I got a check engine light for the catalytic converter. I wrote down the codes but have since thrown the paper away so I don't remember the specific codes. I went to Toyota to get a quote and the parts alone were ~$6,000 dollars. Here are the exact OEM part numbers and quantities quoted for me by Toyota:

90178-A0062 - Nut, Flange - Quantity 12 - $1.24/each
90126-A0019 - Stud - Quantity 12 - $1.24/each
17173-31010 - Gasket, Exhaust Manifold - Quantity 2 - $20.43/each
17150-31320 - Manifold Assembly Left - Quantity 1 - $927.13
17140-31320 - Manifold Assembly Right - Quantity 1 - $1134.44
17410-31450 - Pipe Assembly Exhaust Right - Quantity 1 - $1183.81
17450-31030 - Pipe Assembly Exhaust Left - Quantity 1 - $1270.0
90080-43036 - Gasket Exhaust - Quantity 2 - $14.11/each
17451-74051 - Gasket Exhaust - Quantity 1 - $33.65/each
89467-71020 - Sensor, Air Fuel - Quantity 2 - $280.40/each
89465-35680 - Sensor Oxygen - Quantity 1 - $185.22
89465-35670 - Sensor Oxygen - Quantity 1 - $185.22
Total Price for parts not including labor - $5948.80

Obviously this is very expensive so going with Toyota parts and labor was not going to be an option. When it comes to my FJ I try to do as much maintenance as I can myself but because I was a little nervous about breaking off a rusty stud I went to a local mechanic I trust. He told me he would do the job for $400. Then I just needed to get parts. I threw around the idea of headers instead of the exhaust manifold but my mechanic recommended going with a manifold so that's what I did. I'm sure there are many solutions to this problem but here are the parts I went with:

Magnaflow offers OEM grade catalytic converters as well as a less expensive HM grade. I went with OEM grade.
Note: these are parts compatible with a 2007 model.
#49341 Magnaflow Left Exhaust Manifold with Catalytic Converter $602.27
#49432 Magnaflow Right Exhaust Manifold With Catalytic Converter $594.41
#49210 Magnaflow Left Pipe Assembly with Catalytic Converter $485.49
#49211 Magnaflow Right Pipe Assembly with Catalytic Converter $483.23
I purchased the parts from and that reflects the price next to the part.

For the sensors I purchased them from Denso
SKU 234-9051 - Denso OE Identical AFR Sensor Item# DEN234-9051 - Quantity 2 - $136.98/each
SKU 234-4261 - Denso OE Identical Oxygen Sensor Item# DEN234-4261 - Quantity 1 - $50.81
SKU 234-4260 - Denso OE Identical Oxygen Sensor Item# DEN234-4260 - Quantity 1 - $52.31

I purchased the studs and nuts from Toyota's online parts. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing the Toyota OEM gaskets even though magnaflow includes gaskets with their parts. I had to learn this the hard way. After the install was complete I started the engine and it made the classic exhaust leak noise that started to go away as the pipes warmed up. I ordered the new gaskets from Toyota which arrived a week later and completely fixed the noise. It did cost me an additional $150 dollars of labor to replace the gaskets so just get the Toyota ones the first time.

My check engine light is now off and everything is working great. The total cost for parts was $2187.11 and labor was $550 coming in substantially less than what Toyota quoted me. Attached are some useful images. Good Luck
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