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Thinning out my fuel cans I really will never need 8 Scepter MFC so I'm selling 4 OD green ones. All the cans I have had diesel in them at one time, the four I use I rinsed out with gas and have been using them for a yr with no leaks at all.
These four have not been rinsed out still have a diesel smell.
Two have red rings two have yellow rings, straps are broken but can be bought from Scepter's website, the cans have some dis-colorization to them but are still solid cans.
Asking $45.00 each or 2 for $80.00 + shipping from New Mexico or FREE shipping to the Overland EXPO in April but cans need to be paid for in advance.
Email me (it works better then IMs) [email protected]
Thanks, Kirk

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