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Factory Bike Rack

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I have the factory roof rack and need a bike rack. I am thinking about the factory bike rack and can get it for $200 total (rack and attachment kit) plus shipping. I only need room for one bike, and since I will be at college, I don't want to have to worry about storing a hitch rack. Is there any reason for me not to get the factory bike rack?
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How tall are you? Will you be able to get the bike off the roof without too much trouble? Will you have enough overhead room while driving/parking? You don't need to post the answers, just keep that in mind.

For those reasons, a few folks got the Thule "Spare Me" bike rack that fits on the spare tire mount. And when you don't have a bike on there, you can fold down the arms and have a place to mount a shovel, hi lift, etc. with quickfists.
I agree. I'm no where near tall enough to get my bike off the top of my FJ, so I got the Yakima Spare Joe. It's a tough little rack, just watch out with the spare racks, my rack scuffed the spare a bit (so I wrapped with some grip tape I used to use on my Tennis Rackets).

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I got the Saris bones rack, fully adjustable arms to fit anything from a car with a trunk to a flat back van to my spare tire. I love it
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