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Does anyone know if the Factory (OEM) Rear Entertainment System (Headrest) PT900-35070 will fit all years (to 2014)?

I have a 2013 I'm looking to put this into. I'm guessing this won't mess with the active headrest (in case of crash).

Looks like you also need: PT900-35070-BK (Rear Seat Entertainment, Bracket For Audio Interface Module).
If you Google for "PT900-35070" you can see other instances of that part # discussed here, there isn't much. The first link is the install instructions in PDF format.

This was never a factory-installed option in US FJ's, it looks like a dealer add-on if somebody really wanted it. I've looked at hundreds of FJ's listed for sale and I've never seen this installed on one. Not to say that you can't do it, other people have and here's the best thread I've seen so far with install examples.

The only reason I can think that it shows '07-'08 but not later is that the earlier trucks may not have had the side airbags in the seats? Which is just one more thing to keep an eye out for when doing the wiring install through the seat I guess.

It's not really a question of "aftermarket is cheaper" but that DVD is a dated platform that takes up a lot of space. A Kindle Fire tablet for kids is ~1/10th the price or less, can download movies and do a lot more than a DVD player. Not trying to talk you out of doing it -- if you do, post photos so other people can see how you did it -- but the price of these parts is pretty high for how outdated they are.

Either way, good luck!
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