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Hey all,

Thanks for making the call tonight...I know Sunday nights are tough and I appreciate the effort. For the next call I'll have an agenda so we can organize our thoughts and where we stand a bit better...and where we need to go from there.

Anyway, here's a rundown of facts that I have. Feel free to add as I'm sure I've missed a few.

--Date: July 12th-15th, 2007

--Name: FJ Cruiser Summit
--Location: Ouray, CO
--Lodging: - Various Hotels (Best Western specifically as a hub) in Ouray, CO and camping (more info coming via Seth)
website: (?)

--Interested sponsors:

- All Pro
- Toyota

Sponsor contributions: cash? prizes for raffle? sponsorship for a particular meal, etc?

--Interested Guests: Rod Millen, (Phil you'll have to remind me of the others)

-- Critical points for event:

- 3 runs per day organized into beginner, mid and advanced

To Do:

- legal forms need to be sent to FJR Colorado for review (Phil and FJR please get together on this and let us know)

- Financial account info? Status?

- For website, we need graphics sent to Seth. Seth, please forward the link to everyone here for their review and input (thanks for all of your work on this!)

- Decisions on hotels/campgrounds should be made final to ensure space and commit to a few.

This is all I have for now. This is an abbreviated version of all of the most important things right now. Time for a glass of wine. Let me know what I missed and talk to you all later :)

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Hey All,
again, sorry I couldn't make the has been killin me. Got and registered. I'll have a website up and running hopefully by middle to late this week.

I'll let everyone know when its up.


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This all looks great

Sorry I missed the last calls; been slammed with a huge project at work (yeah, I know, excuses, excuses....)

I will PM my e-mail to Bostonian for future coordination (it is: [email protected])

Setting up the trail runs should be pretty straight-forward. We'll just need a captain for each group/each day. We should have no problem recruiting volunteers (who should get a T-shirt, hat, or something for his/her effort).

I can see folks like Jim D leading the advanced groups, etc. I'll probably stick to the moderate group each day.

Perhaps the biggest challenge will be finding those who want to stay on easy routes. Good easy trails include the Red Mountain Mining District and the stuff above Silverton but not beyond Animas Forks Ghost Town.

Speaking of Silverton... 30" of fresh powder today (11/14)
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