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Brian Wilberding (Screen Name: H535) passed away on Sunday the 18th after battling cancer. Demello Off Road has generously stepped up and is auctioning off a front bumper with all proceeds going to help the family.

You can read of his struggle here:

You can read about the auction here:

Digger has also donated a set of armor for the rear LCA:

Ricochet Offroad has also donated a set of LCA armor for this great cause. Please take a look at:

Constantine has also donated a Trail Team badge to be auctioned off. Here's the link:

FJToyman (FJnortheasters) have donated a set of rear shock armor.

If you would like to donate to the family outside of this auction, a fund is being set up for that as well. Details to follow.

--------EDIT (Fjamming)-------------
I've set up an account for donations. If you feel compelled to help out, you can send funds to Paypal account:

I'll do periodic updates on the amount received. When you sent the funds, please include your forum name so I can make the proper connection. Let's hope this will be helpful.

A thread has been created to document the donations. It can be found at:
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