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Faulty Gas Gauge and Weight in Passenger Seat

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I have two questions/issues:

1 - Last Friday I was driving, and headed to get gas. I had less than 1/4 of a tank, but I was not on Empty - in fact, the gas gauge did not pop up, indicating I was very low.

I was coming up a small hill, when suddenly my 2007 FJ died. 4:45pm on a Friday, on a heavily-traveled road. I could not get it to start... I was able to put two gallons of gas in it, and it started right up.

Why did this happen? I know I needed to get gas, but it wasn't *that* low. Any tips for this?

2 - I bought a pumpkin on Saturday, and put it in the front seat. Within a minute or so of driving my FJ started beeping - I could not find the cause. I finally pulled over, adjusted things, and happened to leave the pumpkin on the floorboard. When I started driving again, no beeping.

Apparently the weight caused the passenger seat issue - the seat belt was not buckled.

What can I do to turn this feature off, or adjust it?

Thank you!
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There probably wasn't enough fuel in the tank to feed the pick up tube when you went up the hill and it all sloshed down away from it causing it to run out of gas.

There are sensors in the seat for the airbags. I found that out because I put my pack or my camera bag on the passenger seat. I ended up just hooking the seat belt up and it was like someone was sitting there.
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