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Ken had some predator step bars for sale locally in Plano, Texas and did not want to ship. Since I was driving from Florida to Dallas, Texas to visit my Mother, I made arrangements to purchase them.

Upon my arrival in Dallas, I called Ken and he offered to come to me the next day and volunteered to install them as well. What a deal! There was a slight snag because the hardware on his 2010 was a slightly different size from my 2009. Ken went accross the way to Sears and bought the correct size socket.

Once installed, he even polished them up. I paid him in cash, included an extra $20 for his time and trouble and away he went. Before long, there was a knock on the door. Ken had a twenty dollar bill in his hand saying that I paid him too much. I told him I wanted him to have it but he wouldn't hear of it and insisted that I take it back.

I had mentioned to him that I got a chip in my windshield on the drive out. He said I should take the twenty and use it to repair my windshield. He even recommended a shop close by where I could get the repair done.

Do not hesitate to buy from BARNETT. Thanks again Ken!:bigthumb:

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