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Before I was a proud FJ owner, I was a proud BMW 335i owner and a member of the e90post forum. I believe that the e90post is run by vBulletin where this forum is by autoguide. They have a tool on these forum called "iTrader" and it works quite similar to eBay.

There buyers and sellers can rate one another and cite threads for examples. The best thing though IMO, is that your rating as a buyer and seller is visible on the left of your post by your avatar and user name.

I remember it wasn't too long ago there was a discussion about there being a time limit for "newbies" before they could buy and sell on the forums. I was reminded of this today when I was asked to rate a buyer on the e90post and thought, "What a useful tool. This would be helpful on the FJ forum." this way we know buyers and sellers reliability without having to dig to deep, though the search function.

Anyhow, if anyone is listening, food for thought.
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