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Feeler FS: 07 FJ Ti Silver...loaded...$24.5k

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I've had this truck since November. Just not getting the use out of it that it deserves. Thought I would see what interest it draws here.

It's loaded, no options missing to my knowledge.

6000 miles...

Asking $24.5k, located in New York (just north of NYC)

Pics attached.


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or best offer!

this is no longer a FEELER!

$23.5 OBO...
Am i asking too much here?

I think your ride looks great and the price is reasonable... I was looking for a preowned low mileage just like yours and the Dealers just kept dropping the prices on the new vehicles. The rebates are also making the preowned market even tougher.
Thanks for the input! Much appreciated...

$23.5 takes it fellas!
Re: FS: 07 FJ Ti Silver...loaded...$24.5k

$22.5 folks... blowing it out here! :D
$22k obo :clap:
I would love to have it, but I'm in TX.
I did once...and nothing really came of it. I suppose I'll try again at some point soon. thx!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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