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Finally started on my build up - OREV

I decided to re do this thread and rename my Rig to:

Off Road Exploring Vehicle​

After 11000 miles, The mod bug gave me a big bite on the A$$ and i started modding my FJ especially after selling my 1997 C5 Corvette which had 450 WHP :mecry:

Here is where it is now:

Stock Options

Black Diamond 2008 - 4.0L 5AT 4x4
Driver & Passenger Airbags
Passenger Armrest
Off Road Package "Skid Plate, Receiver Hitch"
Spare Tire Cover
Cargo Floor Mat
Smoker Package
9 Speaker System


LLumar Heat Isolator Window Film
OEM Roof Rack
Bushwacker Pocket Style Fender Flares

Suspension, Wheels & Tires

315/70R 17 Hankook DynaPro AT
Ballistic Offroad Jester 17x9 All Black Wheels
Total Chaos Upper Control Arms
OME886 (front coils)
N140S (front shocks)
OME895E (rear coils)
N141(rear shocks)
Toytec Positioning Clamps
Toytec Differential Drop Kit
ICON Swaybar Relocation Kit


URD MKIII Supercharger Stage II Kit
AEM Water/Methanol Injection Kit
76mm Throttle Body with URD Adapter
Aeromotive Stealth 340 Fuel Pump
Aetomotive Fuel Pressure regulator
Upgraded Fuel Lines to -6 AN and 3/8 Fuel Lines
Doug Thorley Long Tube Headers
URD Y-Pipe
Borla Exhaust
URD Intake
AFE Pro Dry S Filter
TRD Big Brake Kit
4.56 Nitro R&P Front on stock diff
4.56 Motive Gear Performance in a custom Ford 8.8 Rear End
HPS Silicon Radiator Hoses Kit


ARB Sahara Bar "Winch Bumper"
ARB Rear Bar "Bumper"
TJM Rock Sliders
Moss Motors Headlight Stone Guard


Warn 9.5XP Ultimate Performance Winch
Hi-Lift All Cast 48” Jack With Hi-Lift Handle-Keeper
ARB Recovery Straps
ARB Snatch Pack
Warn D-Ring
ARB Recovery Damper
TRED 1100 Traction Board


Sig Sauer P226 with 3 Mags
Beretta A400 XTREME Semiautomatic Shotgun
Dual Horns
Emergency Window Breaking Tool
Fire Extinguisher
Tire Puncture Fix Kit
Heavy Work Gloves
EMK "Emergency Medical Kit"
Pocket Tool
Maglite RX1019 Rechargeable AC/DC System


10L 3500 PSI Air Tank
Custom Inflator Hoses
Tool Box
Tire Gauge with Deflator Button
Staun Tire Deflator Kit
Spare Fuses
Tool Box


Pioneer SPH-DA120 in Dash Navigation/Mutlimedia Center
Garmin GPSMAP 276C Chartplotters Navigation
Garmin GPS External Antenna
Yaesu FT-90 Dual Band Transceiver
Yaesu VX-8DR Handheld Transceiver
Valentine One Radar/Laser Detector
AEM Wideband O2 UEGO AFR Digital Gauge
AEM Digital Transmission Temperature Gauge
AEM Digital Oil Temperature Gauge
AEM Digital Fuel Pressure Gauge
Autometer Vacuum / Boost Gauge


Spyder Auto Projector Headlights with 3D LED DRL
Denso HID Headlights
IPF ARB Bumper Fog Light Kit
Rigid Industries E Series 20" Lightbar
Rear LED Tail lights
Lumen Interior LED Lights
Lumen LED Reverse Lights
Lumen LED License Plate Lights
Lifetime LED single row CREE 6 LED Reverse Lights

I do apologize for the quality of some of the pictures, more pics and replacements will be done


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Re: Finally started on my build up - Black

Here is my Fuji compared to my 8" Lifted 1980 Blazer with the stock tires on it...

The blazer has 40" tires that i removed and kept in storage till i finish the project

A few pics of my rig off roading today.



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Re: Finally started on my build up - Black

Well last night i got a call from a friend of mine who works for the dealer at the accessories shop with an offer, he asked me if i have ordered the read ARB bumper & TRD Big brake kits or not... My answer was that i will any time soon and in my mind i was thinking "This guy is gonna ask me to order something for him, never wronger could i have been"... he asked me if i would be interested in something as good as stealing from the Dealer and i went :bigthumb: he offered me the following:

1. TRD Big Brake Kit:
2. ARB Rear Bumper:
3. Wrn 9500lbs Winch:

The winch is not on my top praiorities right now as i have other plans for the Rig... so i asked him how much it would set me back and the answer was a :huh: & :jawdrop:

well the total came out to be $841.60 out the door.. yup its not a typo...

The bumper alone was originally sold for $800 & the brake kit was about $1800.. the next thing that came out of me was :signed::bigthumb::cheers:

So today i picked up this baby right here, & the day after tomorrow will be the bumper pickup...

Now i can finally say that i have use for the dealer :lol::rofl:


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yet another teaser, Just installed my TRD CAI & Magnaflow Cat back... the whole thing sounds scary loud, like there was no CAI ins... although i did try the car with only the Cat installed and was not as loud as i would've expected it....

The whole thing took about 1 hour to complete with the help of a couple of my friends..

Note to TRD, the instructions are not that great, revise it please.



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Lucky bugger!!! Deals like that never happens to me. :( Glad you got it though. Your FJ is coming right along!
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