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Fitting 34” tires

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Hi all: had a couple folks ask that I share my experience getting my 285/75/17 tires to fit. My wheels are Vision Nemesis 17x9 with a -12 offset.

I did elect to upgrade the UCAs (went with Built Right) in order to be able to reach a more positive caster, and we did a fairly aggressive BMC. Had to trim a little off the skid plate corners on both sides, but aside from that very little else needed to be trimmed or hammered. Have not taken it off road, but no rubbing yet driving around town.

Attached a screenshot of the alignment settings for those who are curious.

Let me know what you think!






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Maybe a little bit if power drop, yes. I feel like I’ve got to step on the throttle a little harder than before to rapidly accelerate, but feel like the power is still there. I certainly wouldn’t say it’s gutless. Mine’s an ‘09.
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