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Hey, Y'all!
"Auto-Loc "One-Touch" window Now BOTH switches control P/S express up/down fix"
I installed the Auto-Loc "One Touch" switch
(link is example only, prices are all over the place, I got the 2 module kit for $50.00 so shop it out!)
I had one on my '11 & installed according to older post here, bought another for my '07.
Was always bothered that only the driver side switch controlled express function on P/S.
FIXED IT! (after way too much trial & error ? ?????)
Now BOTH switches control P/S express up/down
Instead of installing at Driver Side door panel
reason: the red & red w/ stripe on D/S are JUST upstream pwr to P/S window switch
blue & blue w/ stripe (on both doors) are the motor controls for each door.
by tapping into the P/S door instead of D/S door both switches will trigger express function

Door Panel removal:
  1. Remove plastic retaining pin from upper left corner of door panel (push in center to disconnect it & pull out)!
  2. remove window switch/door lock module &disconnect harnesses
  3. remove 2 retaining screws (@ door lock & door handle)
  4. pull door panel off
  5. remove door lock & door handle cables (WHITE upper GREEN lower on mine)
BLUE from module > BLUE w/ stripe into motor side
WHITE from module > BLUE w/ stripe into switch side

GREEN from module > BLUE into motor side
BROWN from module > BLUE into switch side

I soldered all my connections & then realized I could've save a BOATLOAD of time/trouble by using these:

3M Scotchlok 972 Self-Stripping In-Line Blade Type Fuseholder


& 4 male spade terminals (some designs might need a bit of trimming to fit)

I secured the module on the inside armrest w/ velcro.

Caveat: This only functions on P/S; D/S still has express down , but not up, IMO it was not worth the cost/time/effort to add another unit for D/S to only get "express up" function
But still...
?SWMBO Approved!

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