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Thursday night 1/14/16

This is for people that want to camp before the ride Friday morning. Especially since the starting point is right down the road.

Tent Only
20, Campground
I just reserved this camping spot.
Not sure what time i'll get there


Friday Jan 15 2016
8:00am will we heading out at 9am

Rodman Recreation Area is going to be the meeting spot.

We r camping at Big Scrub Campground
you can make reservation for a camp spot.
$12 per camp spot and only two vehicles per camp spot
you can also split with someone for $6 each
Reservations are not required to camp here, however campers can make a reservation if they prefer to do so.

some have already reserved camp site 19 18 and 17

Saturday Jan 16 2016

Holder Mine Recreation Area

This is the route from Big Srub Campground to Holder Mine Campground.
when you click on the link, on the right side you can print out the directions. I try to use as much back roads but the quickest route

When we get to Holder and setup camp. We will break off to groups. One group will go to Redrock and other will ride to through citrus.

Redrock is for more 4x4
If you have a 4x2 you will need help up some of the hills
This place is very time consuming and needs spotters.
It's like a mini Hardrock

Citrus will be trail rides. I'll also give directions to the caves which is pretty cool. We will not being doing caves if your doing Redrock.
This is a good article abou the caves

We will be doing a night ride through citrus FYI

The Holder Mine Campground campsites are shaded by live oaks and turkey oaks. This campground is open seven days a week and is popular with hunters during archery and small game seasons.

•Leashed pets allowed
• Hiking trails:
- Citrus A Loop Trail is 8.6 miles.
- Citrus B Loop Trail is 17.3 miles.

•27 campsites with electricity, water, picnic table and fire ring
•(2) bathhouses
•Dump station

Directions: From the junction of State Road 44 and County Road 581 west of Inverness, turn south on County Road 581 and drive 2.5 miles, passing the fire tower, to the sign for Holder Mine Recreation Area. Turn right and continue another mile.


Sunday Jan 17 2016

This is the route for Suanday ride from Citrus to Croom

We will wake up and head out around 10

We will head south and head to Croom for are final leg of the Expedition


there's no group ferry crossing this year

Reasons I did this
1. it took 2 hours to get 5 FJs across the ferry
2. they were talking about being closed around the time of
the ride

your more than welcome. to come across on the ferry and then meet up with everyone. the ferry opens at 7am. we will not be heading out until 9am. Like said before they might be under construction. I keep an eye out on any new info

Fort Gates Ferry
229 Fort Gates Ferry Rd
Crescent City, FL 32112

this is the route to take when you cross the ferry. then head to rodman dam


Scott Kroeger cell # 18132994481

Channel 5 on CBs
for people that do not have one. it help out on the trails




Citrus WMA

Croom WMA

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sorry guys I forget about the forum and iam mostly on facebook
my name is Scott Kroeger I doing a lot of rides like this one
on facebook we have 38 FJs going and 32 maybe
i try to keep everyone up to date
if you have any question just ask
i know some of you guys don't like facebook. i'll trying to log in here to
This is for the Facebook page if you care. you do have to be added

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Hi gator I'm a new member in Ocsla. Would like to participate in the Rodman Dam ride on Friday but just checking to make sure I'm welcome. If you have a club I'm interested in that also. If I understand correctly you will be meeting at the Rodman campground at 8 and heading out around 9. CB channel 5 will be used. If I'm welcome and have facts right let me know! Thanks

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hi mullet sorry it took me so long. I don't come on here much more on facebook
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