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In the Consumer Reports survey of Mid-sized SUV owners, with model data greater than two years, the FJ Cruiser was highest in Owner Satisfaction. The percentage of owners who would definitely purchase an FJ Cruiser again was a whopping 77 percent.

Even including vehicles with less than two years of data, the FJ Cruiser still came out second highest behind the Kia Sorento V6 at 83 percent.

The median percentage was 68 percent.

Other competitive vehicles in the survey included:

Jeep Wrangler 4WD 73% 10th place
Nissan Xterra 64% 25th place

Last place was the Dodge Journey V6 AWD 47% 34th place

Congratulations to Toyota for building a vehicle, the FJ Cruiser, which has grown such a loyal owner base.

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