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So the story continues.
Last week I managed to finish all the planned servicing. And glad I did as the gearbox was about 500 ml (or 0.52 quarts) short on fluid. It already shifts better. Flushed around 12 liters (or 12.7 quarts) of fluid through the system. One more flush in the next month or two and I can cross this off my list.

In the meantime FJ had an LPG install completed. I can`t give too much technical detail as this is not my forte. I`m happy with the way it is installed. Had a preliminary tune done when picking up the truck from the workshop. Now, I need to drive around 1000 km and have the tune checked. Below You can see a random collection of photos from the installation. Please excuse the quality but these were sent to me by the workshop.

Hood Motor vehicle Automotive exterior Automotive design Auto part

The intake manifold was removed for injector installation. I had my first issue with parts availability here. OEM manifold gaskets from Toyota are about 1 month wait time...eeek. Luckily managed to find good quality replacements that were available for the next day. Ordered the Toyota gaskets anyway. And, as someone above predicted, one of the PCV hoses was damaged. Also ordered from Toyota with 1 month waiting time. Fixed with tape for now. :ROFLMAO:

Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive exterior Auto part Nut

Here we have two evaporators that turn liquid gas into gas gas :). Which is then injected into the intake.

Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle Automotive design Bumper

The gas tank. It fitted snugly between the chassis rail and the exhaust. The tank is effectively 60 liters (or 16 gallons). I say effectively as LPG tanks have room for gas expansion. The measured volume of this one would be 72 liters but it is limited to 60. This should give me a minimum of 300 km range on LPG alone. Gas outlets on the left of the tank are my only small concern. These point to the side and are not low, but I small branch or unlucky stone could damage the outlets of pipes. Will have to fabricate some kind of armor there. Gas pipes (not yet installed on the photo) are tucked above the frame so I`m not worried at all.

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Tread Motor vehicle

Here You can see that I hardly lost clearance with the tank. Maybe 2cm (3/4 of an inch). LPG tanks are proper tough so even if I hit something it won't matter.

If You have any questions concerning the install, please let me know and I will try to answer them. This is just a brief description.

Now back to fun things. Managed to do this today:
Vehicle Automotive tire Light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Finished install. I`m happy with the way it turned out. Really stealthy, especially when I move the reg downwards and hinge it somehow.
Car Land vehicle Vehicle Vehicle registration plate Tire

Still need to wire it all up but this can wait until I have the second battery and charging system for it installed. Then some lights, heated mirrors (and hopefully seats), and myriad other things that are bouncing around in my head.

To be continued...
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