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Actually, I think you may be misinterpreting the torque values specified in the factory service manual.

You stated: "Want to address something that I think is incorrect. Everyone is stating that the front differential fill and drain plug specs are 29 and 48 ft/lb? It looks like people have been reading the service manual wrong many years and just passing on that Misinformation. The service manual States the front differential is 29 ft/lb PERIOD...... and the rear differential is 36 ft/lb. But it looks like people are interpreting it as 29 and 49 for front fill and drain plugs which is incorrect."

Your image in post #1, clipped from the '07 factory service manual, is addressing ONLY the FILLER plugs, NOT the DRAIN plugs.

The '07 FSM clearly specifies that the FRONT differential FILLER plug torque is 29 ft-lbs, and the FRONT differential DRAIN plug torque is 48 ft-lbs.

For the REAR differential, the FILLER plug and DRAIN plug torque is 36 ft-lbs.

Here are clips from one of the versions of the '07 FSM:

First, the note for interpreting torque values as shown on the parts diagrams - ft-lbs are last:
Font Rectangle Brand Number Graphics

Next, the FSM specs for front diff fill & drain plug torques:

Organism Font Line Parallel Slope

Finally, the FSM specs for rear diff fill and drain plug torques:
Font Rectangle Line Slope Parallel

In both of the Toyota 4WD trucks I have purchased new, the front differential filler plugs were EXTREMELY tight at the first oil change. I have since replaced the hex socket filler plugs with the Lexus male-hex filler plugs, which makes removal much easier.
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