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FJ Headlight Housing with Projection Dome

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I found these on eBay today, I have been talking back and forth with the seller all day. The housing only works with standard Halogen bulbs, and I have HIDs. The HIDs are too long to fit in the dome. They are working on a version to fit the HIDs, so expect that within the next months. They are awesome and I love them. What do you'll think? I am looking forward to the HID version. Here are the links:

Black Interior: eBay Motors: 07-08 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS CCFL HALO (item 300224761583 end time May-20-08 20:26:09 PDT)

Chrome Interior: eBay Motors: 07-08 TOYOTA FJ CRUISER PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS CCFL HALO (item 310051409141 end time May-23-08 20:55:58 PDT)
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I just found out that the lense housing is made out of the same plastic as the current FJ housing with a glass projector. The housing uses an H9 lights, so maybe it might work, just change the H4 HIDs to H9.
if you try it let us know.
Yea men please let us know, im really looking in to buying them
I've been looking at the same light's (love the halo effect like on a BMW), if you do pull the trigger on them, post up your thought's on them.
Well I just purchased them, the wait begins for 1 to 6 days.
You can get much better results for less money with a retrofit.
Sure if I had the money to spend on a projection dome and the time to do it or the money to pay a professional to do it. This is just fine and looks incredible when I black out the front ;)
Post up install pics and results soon as you get time in, Im looking forward to seeing them.
The cost for a self done retrofit (which in most cases can be executed with little-no prior experience.) would be on par with those projector headlamps. I have never personally seen any aftermarket projector headlamps that impressed me the way OEM hid projectors have.

I did mine in my spare time... which I don't see a lot of so it took me what felt like forever.
I want to see them too
I may do the black ones when the HID is available. Lets see some pictures!!!
They where shipped, should get them toward the end of May. I won't do installation until around June when I get other things done, since i have to take off the brush guard and don't want to deal with that twice. Once the item arrives, I'll take pictures, and then when installed. From the looks of it, it will fit an HID and it won't melt anything because its the same material as the OEM headlights.
Awsome, Let us know how it goes Innovations.
Thanks to everyone for there interest. I might be getting this seller some business soon enough ;). I am very excited to get them. Note that they do not use H4 lights, supposedly they use H9 bulbs using Halogen, I am not sure about HIDs which is what I am putting in.
I'm interested in these too. I bought some for my old Eclipse and the housing was very cheap and the housing was not sealed so water got in it. They were a pain in the ars! Great for summer, but that was about it. I hope these are better made than the ones I got stuck with.
Depends where you buy them. This eBay user has a great history and no one seems to have any problems. I'll let you know. Depends where you buy them, cheap ones are cheap, these are not bad and hopefully will be great.

subscribed as well..... waiting to pull the trigger.
I received them today, I will install them on Thursday along with some painting I am doing on the grill and stuff. Here they are:

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