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FJ Maintenance/Repair insights

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Hello all,
I am considering replacing my Range Rover Sport with an FJ Cruiser due to the insane costs for both maintenance and repairs. I have always liked the FJ Cruiser so I am seeking insight and advice on your experiences with it and its overall opinions on its dependability.

I realize that all vehicles come with unique issues, but what is owning an FJ Cruiser like on the pocketbook?

Are parts easy to come by for repairs and such?

Many thanks in advance!

Matt \m/
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Couldn't agree more regarding lower maintenance costs and reliability. I've owned many European cars over the years- BMWs, Alfa, Mercedes, Peugeot, Fiat, though not a Land Rover- and with those cars I got to know my local mechanics very well! Find a well-maintained FJ, keep up with the service schedule and I think you'll be surprised at how little fuss it will be.

My FJ has 250K miles and my Land Cruiser 300K+, and oil, tires and brakes are all they ever seem to need. Good luck!
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