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Update: the issue was resolved by adding 1qt of fluid (by 200ml increments until the problem no longer occurred, and adding 400ml on top). I am also confident that i followed the leveling procedure correctly as i tried leveling at 97-115f and by 115-130f. Temps were verified electrically via the 2 trans temp sensors and also via an infra red thermometer under the car. Not suure what went wrong.

I have a 2010 FJ Cruiser with 86k miles. Just flushed the tranny fluid with OEM fluir (abour 2k miles ago), tranny fluid level is correct as far as i am aware (but i did try to add up to 800ml to see if the issue would go away). Car is in excellent shape overall, and other than that it doesn't seem to have any issues.
The actual issue: If I stop on a stop, or a red light on a street that is on an incline, the car will always roll back. The roll feels like it is in neutral (it doesn't even try to fight back). My Toyota sienna (also 4wd) will not roll as fast and as much.

Can any one confirm if this is normal, if any one is experiencing similar issue?
Any input/info is welcome.

I am thinking to replace SLT and SL1 solenoids, but they are not cheap.

Thank you.
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