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2010 FJ sold - some items left over that I need to part with:

Cabin air filters for FJ Cruiser and various other Toyota fitments. Replaces Toyota 87139-47010-83 2) new in box filters (not OEM) $10/ea. or both for $15

FJ Cruiser rear cargo area mat. Rubber nibs on back keep it in place while diamond shaped recess control dirt/moisture on the working side. As new, no stains or wear (not OEM) $20

10) 90210-06013 washer, seal
01) 11214-31030 gasket, cylinder
01) 11213-0P010 gasket, cylinder
06) 11193-70010 gasket, spark plug
01) 3.0 oz. tube of FIPG

Parts needed to reseal spark plug tubes on Toyota 4.0 engines (FJ, Tacoma, 4Runner).
Commonly associated - oil in spark plug recess. All new, Toyota OEM. Less (Contact for pricing)

Toyota OEM part PT278-60070 - replacement rubber plug for holes in stock/OEM rack on FJ Cruiser. Keep out water and debris to prevent rust. (2) for $5

Toyota 04152-YZZA5 oil filter for certain models of FJ Cruiser, Tacoma, and 4Runner. Consult your documents to see if these fit your application. $5/ea (4 available).

Contact here or email shearvalve-gasser at yahoo dot com
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