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For newcomers and veterans alike, here's a list of commonly used terms in the FJ Cruiser and 4x4 world, as well as, frequently used computer acronyms.

FJ Cruiser & 4x4 terminology / abbreviations / acronyms:

2H = 2-Wheel Drive / High Range
2WD = 2-Wheel Drive
4H = 4-Wheel Drive / High Range
4HL - 4-Wheel Drive / High Range (Locked Center Case MT Only)
4L = 4-Wheel Drive / Low Range
4LL - 4-Wheel Drive / Low Range (Locked Center Case MT Only)
4x2 = 2-Wheel Drive vehicle
4x4 = 4-Wheel Drive vehicle
4WD = 4-Wheel Drive
AC = Alternating current (as in 120 volts AC)
A/C = Air conditioning
Air Down = Partially deflating tires for better traction
Air Locker = Pneumatically-activated differential locker
Amp = Amplifier
AMP = Amperage
AP = All-Pro (manufacturer of bumpers, skids, off-road accessories)
Armor = Undercarriage/body protection (skid plates, sliders, cages, etc.)
AT = Automatic Transmission (can also mean All-Terrain tire)
A-TRAC = Automatic Traction Control
AWD = All-Wheel Drive
BC = Black Cherry (FJ color)
BD = Black Diamond (FJ color)
BFG = B.F. Goodrich tires
BFH = Big frickin' hammer
BMC = Body Mount Chop
Body Lift = Raising the truck's body off of frame via spacer mounts
CAI = Cold Air Induction
CAT = Catalytic converter
Cat-Back = Exhaust system beyond the catalytic converter
CB = Citizens Band radio
Chop = Cut / grind off (as in body mount chop)
CO = Coil-over suspension
COG = Center of gravity
CV = Constant Velocity
DC = Dick Cepek (manufacturer of tires, wheels, etc.)
DC = Direct current (as is 12 volts DC)
Diff = Differential
DIY = Do-it-youself
DO- Demello Offroad
DR = Donahoe Racing (suspension manufacturer)
D/S = Drive shaft
ECU = Electronic Control Unit
E-Locker = Electrically-activated differential locker
FJC = FJ Cruiser
Fob = Key ring remote device (door locks, remote start)
FRS = Family Radio Service (low wattage UHF 2-way radio)
FSM = Factory Service Manual
FTW= For The Win
F/T = Full-time (as in F/T 4x4)
GMRS = General Mobile Radio Service (medium wattage UHF 2-way radio)
GPS = Global Positioning System
Hack = Do-it-yourself modification of OEM wiring
Ham = Amateur Radio
HD = Heavy Duty
HF = High-Flow
Hoe's = Slang for Donahoe suspensions
H/U = (stereo) Head Unit
IFS = Independent Front Suspension
JK = Model of Jeep (Wrangler)
LC = Land Cruiser
LCA = Lower Control Arm
LCD = Liquid Crystal Display (type of picture screen)
LED = Light Emitting Diode (type of light)
Live axle = Straight front axle (not IFS)
Locker = Differential locking device
Locking Hubs = Engagable free-spinning front hubs
LSD = Limited Slip Differential
MAF = Man-A-Fre (FJC & Land Cruiser parts/access distributor)
MAF = Manifold Air Flow sensor
MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
Mod = Modification (can also mean forum Moderator)
MPG = Miles Per Gallon
MT = Manual Transmission (stick-shift)
MT = Mickey Thompson tires
MT = Metal Tech Offroad
M/T = Mud tire
NSSE = Not So Special Edition (The 2011 TT's not equipt from the factory with all the options)
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer (stock equipment)
OHV = Off-Highway Vehicle
OME = Old Man Emu (suspension manufacturer)
O/M = Owners / Operators Manual
Posi = Posi-traction
P/U = Pick-up truck
P/T = Part-time (as in P/T 4x4)
R/C = Remote Control
RC = Rough Country (suspension manufacturer)
Rep = Representative (can also mean reputation)
RTT = Roof Top Tent
R&P = Ring and pinion (differential gears)
SAC = Straight Axle Conversion
SAS = Straight Axle System / Solid Axle Swap
SAW = Sway-A-Way
SE = Special Edition ('07 TRD FJ, '08 Trail Teams FJ)
SF = Sun Fusion (FJ color)
SFA = Straight Front Axle
Sirius = One of the two popular satellite radio services
Sliders = Rock rails
SOR = Spector Off-Road (FJC & Land Cruiser parts/access distributor)
Steelies = Steel Wheels (vs. alloy)
Sub = Sub-woofer (ultra-low frequency speaker)
SUV = Sport utility vehicle
TC = Transfer Case
Tech = Technical (can also mean technician)
Ti = Titanium (FJ color)
Tranny = Transmission
TRD = Toyota Racing Development
TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
TT = Toyota Trail Team
TTSE = Trail Teams Special Edition
TTUE = Trail Teams Ultimate Edition
UCA = Upper Control Arm
URD = Underdog Racing Development (exhaust system manufacturer)
V = Volts (as in 12V)
VB = Voodoo Blue (FJ color)
VSC = Vehicle Stability Control
WE = Walker Evans
WOT = Wide Open Throttle
X-case = Transfer Case
XM = One of the two popular satellite radio services
Y-Pipe = Exhaust splitting (or bypassing) device

Generic computer lingo / acronyms:

b/c = because
brb = be right back
BTT = Bring to the top (of active topics/new posts)
BTW = By the way
BUMP = Bring up a “forgotten post” for replies
FIFO = "Frock" IT- Drive ON
FS = For Sale
FWIW = For What it's worth
FYI = For your information
HTH = Hope this Helps
IIRC = If I recall correctly
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my humble opinion
j/k = Just kidding
JME = Just my experience
JMHO = just my honest / humble opinion
LMAO = Laughing my a$$ off
LOL = Laughing out loud
Mod = (forum) Moderator
Mod = Modification
NIB = New In Box
NSFW = Not suitable for (viewing at) work
OP = Original Poster (of a thread)
Pics = Pictures, photographs, illustrations
PITA = Pain in the a$$
PM = Private Message
ROTFLOL = Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
TIA = Thanks in advance
TTFN = Taa Taa For Now
TTT = To the top (of active topics/new posts)
TY = Thank you
WTB = Want To Buy
WTF? = What the "freak"?
WTH? = What the "heck"?
WTS = Want to Sell
WTT = Want To Trade

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What is FTW. I for the life of me can not figure that out.

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Woot! FJC FTW!
I'm 46 years old and never paid much atention to computer/text acronyms untill I started playing MMORPGs lol. If you don't know what THAT is, you might as well toss your computer in the trash and just hit the trails.... I mean, wouldn't you rather be off-roadin' than readin' the forums? lol j/k. It is indeed good to know and understand acronyms, since there will be a time in the future where everyone will be expected to know most or all of them, and they're more made every day.So put on your jogging shoes and try to keep up.

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Haha FTW is now "Fudge The World" only cause I have to try to keep the naughty words in check. JK has been around since the Internet kicked off lol.

Add: FYC ----- Fudge Your Couch ----- sub the Fudge as you see fit

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BOHICA = bend over here it comes again...what our govt does to us
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Good point- listed as Chop.

Let me see what I can do...

All new terms listed above added :bigthumb:

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Took me a while to figure out BMC = Body Mount Chop. Might be a good one to add.
Careful Guys :bigthumb:

BMC the only way at last resort to have our troops keep high spirits

B M C : Bordel Militaire de Campagne = Field Military Brothel

Brothels are illegal since 1948.

Thanks for all these most useful informations
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