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SOLD -- Eclipse AVN 5435 GPS, CD, MP-3, DVD, & Amp.


I am selling my Eclipse head unit to make room for more mods. This is a great unit and adds touch screen GPS along with a DVD player, CD player, MP-3 Player, It can control you iPod (not included, but offered +$50.00), Sirius plug & Play (not included,), you can even add a back up camera (not included, $200.00 eBay). It comes with the map disk and all wiring and options are "plug & Play".

The condition is still quite new. No scratches on screen. The only mark on the unit is a small scratch on the base between the Eclipse logo and DVD badge.

I can offer free installation ($300.00 value) in the DC area with purchase by David (DMSavor). If interested please PM me. We are installing mods this Sunday, so if it is before then you can be wheeling next week with it.


Eclipse's engineers didn't hold anything back when they designed the AVN5435 DVD player. It does the work of multiple components: it plays your CDs, handles your DVDs, and navigates wherever you need to go in the United States. Its 6.5" video screen offers both a beautiful picture and convenient touchscreen system control. And it fits perfectly in the 4" tall, double-sized dash opening in your vehicle.

Eclipse's powerful, accurate navigation system allows you to enter your destination in just a few moments using the straightfoward menus. Pick an address, street name, or intersection, or choose from millions of points of interest, including restaurants, hotels, gas stations, then customize your route preferences. Thanks to the AVN5435's dedicated slots for DVD and CD, you can listen to your CDs while the system navigates, without having to remove the included map disc.

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Of course, the system can play your DVD videos, too. When you're parked, you can enjoy your favorite movies on the AVN5435's screen. If you connect an extra video screen to the video output, your backseat passengers can keep enjoying the video while the car's in motion (unless the map disc is in the DVD).

You'll also be able to groove to the MP3 files you've burned on CD. The screen offers nine folders or file names at a time for easy selection of your favorite tracks. Eclipse's comprehensive sound controls ensure that all your music sounds exactly right. Adjustment's a snap, too: with the touchscreen controls, you can even simply trace your equalizer curve with your finger, rather than adjusting each band individually.

Connect an optional SIRIUS satellite radio and enjoy the wide variety of satellite programming. Attach the Eclipse HD Radio tuner, and you'll get improved AM/FM reception that's available in an ever-growing number of locations. Three sets of 5-volt preamp outputs send an ultra-clean signal to any external amplifiers you connect to drive your speakers and subs.

For added safety, you can also connect an Eclipse rear-view camera. A clear view of what's behind on appears on the AVN5435's screen; you can even set it up so that the rear-view picture pops up automatically when you put your vehicle in reverse.

DVD/CD navigation receiver with built-in amplifier (15 watts RMS/50 peak x 4 channels, CEA-2006 compliant)
fits double-sized (4" tall) dash openings
motorized 6.5" LCD video screen with adjustable display angle and touchscreen controls
day and night display modes
three selectable background images
plays CDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, DVDs, DVD-R/RWs, and MP3 discs
GPS navigation (includes GPS antenna and map DVD-ROM)
millions of points of interest (hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.)
easy access to emergency information
customizable route preferences
separate CD and DVD slots
five soundfields: cathedral, club, concert, live, theater
9-band parametric EQ
5 preset EQ curves
SIRIUS Satellite Radio-ready (you can add SIRIUS for under $100, plus subscription)
HD Radio-ready (Eclipse HD Radio tuner required)
CD changer control
audio/video input
rear-view camera input
audio/video output
5-volt front, rear, and subwoofer preamp outputs
AM/FM tuner
CD signal-to-noise ratio: 90 dB
FM sensitivity: 12 dBf
I also have an Eclipe EA2000 180w 2/1 $150.00

Medium powered, beautiful-sounding amplifier that can be transformed into a powerful 175W amplifier by bridging.
The Integrated Amplifier Series offers outstanding sound quality with a distinctive appearance. Audiophile-grade power amplification is featured along with high current MOSFET switching power supplies that combine for dynamic performance with any speaker system.
High current, high-efficiency MOSFET switching power supply delivers significant power when demanded.
Capable of high current delivery.
“Easy Tune” top-mounted controls for easily adjusting amplifier parameters even after installation.
Sleek, low-profile appearance with laser-cut top plate allows installation virtually anywhere.

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It's a nice unit & practically a plug & Play into the FJ.


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yes it is.....sorry im not selling it but im in his club

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yes it is stillavailable.
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