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For newcomers and veterans alike, here's a list of commonly used terms in the FJ Cruiser and 4x4 world, as well as, frequently used computer acronyms.

FJ Cruiser & 4x4 terminology / abbreviations / acronyms:

2H = 2-Wheel Drive / High Range
2WD = 2-Wheel Drive
4H = 4-Wheel Drive / High Range
4L = 4-Wheel Drive / Low Range
4x2 = 2-Wheel Drive vehicle
4x4 = 4-Wheel Drive vehicle
4WD = 4-Wheel Drive
A/C = Air conditioning
Air Down = Partially deflating tires for better traction
Air Locker = Pneumatically-activated differential locker
Amp = Amplifier
AMP = Amperage
AP = All-Pro (manufacturer of bumpers, skids, off-road accessories)
Armor = Undercarriage/body protection (skid plates, sliders, cages, etc.)
AT = Automatic Transmission (can also mean All-Terrain tire)
A-TRAC = Automatic Traction Control
AWD = All-Wheel Drive
BC = Black Cherry (FJ color)
BD = Black Diamond (FJ color)
BFG = B.F. Goodrich tires
BFH = Big frickin' hammer
Body Lift = Raising the truck's body off of frame via spacer mounts
CAI = Cold Air Induction
CAT = Catalytic converter
Cat-Back = Exhaust system beyond the catalytic converter
CB = Citizens Band radio
Chop = Cut / grind off (as in body mount chop)
CO = Coil-over suspension
COG = Center of gravity
CV = Constant Velocity
DC = Dick Cepek (manufacturer of tires, wheels, etc.)
DC = Direct current (as is 12 volts DC)
Diff = Differential
DIY = Do-it-youself
DR = Donahoe Racing (suspension manufacturer)
D/S = Drive shaft
ECU = Electronic Control Unit
E-Locker = Electrically-activated differential locker
FJC = FJ Cruiser
Fob = Key ring remote device (door locks, remote start)
FRS = Family Radio Service (low wattage UHF 2-way radio)
FSM = Factory Service Manual
F/T = Full-time (as in F/T 4x4)
GMRS = General Mobile Radio Service (medium wattage UHF 2-way radio)
GPS = Global Positioning System
Hack = Do-it-yourself modification of OEM wiring
Ham = Amateur Radio
HD = Heavy Duty
HF = High-Flow
Hoe's = Slang for Donahoe suspensions
H/U = (stereo) Head Unit
IFS = Independent Front Suspension
LC = Land Cruiser
LCA = Lower Control Arm
LCD = Liquid Crystal Display (type of picture screen)
LED = Light Emitting Diode (type of light)
Live axle = Straight front axle (not IFS)
Locker = Differential locking device
Locking Hubs = Engagable free-spinning front hubs
LSD = Limited Slip Differential
MAF = Man-A-Fre (FJC & Land Cruiser parts/access distributor)
MAF = Manifold Air Flow sensor
MAP = Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
Mod = Modification (can also mean forum Moderator)
MPG = Miles Per Gallon
MT = Manual Transmission (stick-shift)
MT = Mickey Thompson tires
M/T = Mud tire
OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer (stock equipment)
OHV = Off-Highway Vehicle
OME = Old Man Emu (suspension manufacturer)
O/M = Owners / Operators Manual
Posi = Posi-traction
P/U = Pick-up truck
P/T = Part-time (as in P/T 4x4)
R/C = Remote Control
RC = Rough Country (suspension manufacturer)
Rep = Representative (can also mean reputation)
R&P = Ring and pinion (differential gears)
SAC = Straight Axle Conversion
SAS = Straight Axle System / Solid Axle Swap
SAW = Sway-A-Way
SE = Special Edition ('07 TRD FJ, '08 Trail Teams FJ)
SF = Sun Fusion (FJ color)
SFA = Straight Front Axle
Sirius = One of the two popular satellite radio services
Sliders = Rock rails
SOR = Spector Off-Road (FJC & Land Cruiser parts/access distributor)
Steelies = Steel Wheels (vs. alloy)
Sub = Sub-woofer (ultra-low frequency speaker)
SUV = Sport utility vehicle
TC = Transfer Case
Tech = Technical (can also mean technician)
Ti = Titanium (FJ color)
Tranny = Transmission
TRD = Toyota Racing Development
TSB = Technical Service Bulletin
TT = Toyota Trail Team
UCA = Upper Control Arm
URD = Underdog Racing Development (exhaust system manufacturer)
V = Volts (as in 12V)
VB = Voodoo Blue (FJ color)
VSC = Vehicle Stability Control
WE = Walker Evans
WOT = Wide Open Throttle
X-case = Transfer Case
XM = One of the two popular satellite radio services
Y-Pipe = Exhaust splitting (or bypassing) device

Generic computer lingo / acronyms:

b/c = because
brb = be right back
BTT = Bring to the top (of active topics/new posts)
BTW = By the way
BUMP = Bring up a “forgotten post” for replies
DILLAGAF = Does It Look Like I Give A F#%k
FS = For Sale
FWIW = For what it's worth
FYI = For your information
HTH = Hope this Helps
IBTL = I'll Ban The Loser (who uses this in a thread)
IIRC = If I remember correctly
IMO = In my opinion
IMHO = In my humble opinion
j/k = Just kidding
JME = Just my experience
JMHO = just my honest / humble opinion
LMAO = Laughing my a$$ off
LOL = Laughing out loud
Mod = (forum) Moderator
Mod = Modification
NIB = New In Box
NSFW = Not suitable for (viewing at) work
Pics = Pictures, photographs, illustrations
PITA = Pain in the a$$
ROTFLOL = Rolling on the floor laughing out loud
ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my a$$ off
TIA = Thanks in advance
TTT = To the top (of active topics/new posts)
TY = Thank you
WTB = Want To Buy
WTF? = What the "frock"?
WTH? = What the "heck"?
WTT = Want To Trade
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